The Rink (London Cast)

Original London Cast

The Rink (London Cast), Original London Cast
CDJAY 1265
CD1: 72'04''

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Music by
John Kander

Lyrics by
Fred Ebb

Book by
Terence McNally

Orchestrations by
Simon Lowe

Diane Langton
Josephine Blake

Conducted by
David Beer

Kander and Ebb (Kiss Of The Spider Woman, Chicago, Cabaret) wrote this hard hitting musical about the complex and strained relationship between a mother and a daughter trying to get back together again. The setting is the family roller rink and the score includes COLOURED LIGHTS and THE APPLE DOESN’T FALL.

First premiered on Broadway starring Liza Minelli and Chita Rivera (also recorded by JAY), the London production stars two equally outstanding stars, Josephine Blake and Diane Langton. Although they are completely different from their Broadway counterparts, they managed to convey the hard hitting emotions that both Chita and Liza conveyed on Broadway, as well as singing the score in their distinctive and individual voices.

CD 1
  1. Colored Lights
    Diane Langton
  2. Chief Cook And Bottle Washer
    Josephine Blake, Men
  3. Don't Ah Ma Me
    Josephine Blake, Diane Langton
  4. Blue Crystal
    Gareth Snook, Josephine Blake
  5. Under The Roller Coaster
    Diane Langton, Josephine Blake
  6. Not Enough Magic
    Gareth Snook, Josephine Blake, Diane Langton, Men
  7. We Can Make It / Here's To The Rink
    Josephine Blake, Gareth Snook, Men
  8. After All These Years
    Michael Gyngell, Richard Bodkin, Gareth Snook, James Gavin, Steve Hervieu, Peter Edbrook
  9. Angel's Rink And Social Centre
    Diane Langton, Josephine Blake, Men
  10. What Happened To The Old Days?
    Josephine Blake, Peter Edbrook, Richard Bodkin
  11. Finale Act One
    Diane Langton
  12. The Apple Doesn't Fall
    Josephine Blake, Diane Langton
  13. Marry Me
    Michael Gyngell, Diane Langton, Josephine Blake
  14. Mrs. A / We Can Make It (Reprise)
    Josephine Blake, Diane Langton, Men
  15. The Rink
    Peter Edbrook, Steve Hervieu, Richard Bodkin, Gareth Snook, Michael Gyngell, James Gavin
  16. Wallflower
    Josephine Blake, Diane Langton
  17. All The Children In A Row
    Diane Langton
  18. Coda
    Josephine Blake, Diane Langton