Completely Remastered Relase

Cabaret, Completely Remastered Relase
CDJAY2 1311
CD1: 53'53''
CD2: 57'36''

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Music by
John Kander

Lyrics by
Fred Ebb
Book by
Joe Masteroff

Based on the play by
John Van Druten
and the stories of
Christopher Isherwood

Judi Dench
Fred Ebb
Gregg Edelman
Maria Friedman

John Mark Ainsley
Jonathan Pryce as MC

National Symphony Orchestra
conducted by
John Owen-Edwards

Composer John Kander and lyricist Fred Ebb are enjoying a renaissance of popularity at the moment. The revival of their 70's work in the form of CHICAGO is currently conquering the world. Broadway is also enjoying a sensational revival of Cabaret, another of Kander and Ebb's works from the same period. This first complete recording of Cabaret is finally being released in the USA and celebrates the genius of the composers. Cabaret is recognised as Kander and Ebb's masterwork and is considered one of the 10 greatest musicals ever written. Nominated for the 1998 Gramophone Award, this recording features an all star cast including Dame Judi Dench, Jonathan Pryce, Maria Friedman and the lyricist Fred Ebb. The National Symphony Orchestra is conducted by John Owen Edwards who scored great success as the musical director of this years National Theatre production of OKLAHOMA! This is the only recording containing all the songs from the Original Broadway Score, The Film Score and The Revival Score. Hit songs include Willkommen, Cabaret, Maybe This Time, Money Money, Tomorrow Belongs To Me and Two Ladies. The wonderful original Broadway orchestrations by Don Walker and the sensational film orchestrations by Ralph Burns were used for this recording. Recorded in Digital Dolby Surround sound at Abbey Road Studios in London.

CD 1
  1. Willkommen
    Jonathan Pryce, Company
  2. So What?
    Judi Dench
  3. Don't Tell Mama
    Maria Friedman, Girls
  4. Telephone Dance
  5. Perfectly Marvellous
    Gregg Edelman, Maria Friedman
  6. Two Ladies
    Jonathan Pryce, Claire Moore, Louise Gold
  7. It Could Not Please Me More
    Fred Ebb, Judi Dench
  8. Tomorrow Belongs to Me
    John Mark Ainsley, Chorus
  9. Why Should I Wake Up?
    Gregg Edelman, Maria Friedman
  10. Sitting Pretty
    Jonathan Pryce, Company
  11. Married
    Judi Dench, Fred Ebb
  12. Fruit Shop Dance
    National Symphony Orchestra
  13. Meeskite
    Fred Ebb, Company
  14. Tomorrow Belongs to Me (Reprise)
    Caroline O'Connor, Company
CD 2
  1. Entr'acte
    National Symphony Orchestra
  2. Kick Line
    National Symphony Orchestra
  3. Married (Reprise)
    Fred Ebb
  4. If You Could See Her
    Jonathan Pryce
  5. What Would You Do?
    Judi Dench, Gregg Edelman
  6. Sally's Revolt
    Gregg Edelman, Maria Friedman
  7. Cabaret
    Maria Friedman
  8. Break Up
    Gregg Edelman, Maria Friedman
  9. Finale Ultimo
    Gregg Edelman, Jonathan Pryce, Company
  10. Curtain Calls
  11. Exit Music
    National Symphony Orchestra
  12. Money '87 - From the '87 Broadway Revival of Cabaret
    Jonathan Pryce, Company
  13. Don't Go - From the '87 Broadway Revival of Cabaret
    Gregg Edelman
  14. I Don't Care Much - From the '87 Broadway Revival of Cabaret
    Jonathan Pryce
  15. Mein Herr - Movie Version
    Maria Friedman, Girls
  16. Maybe This Time - Movie Version
    Maria Friedman
  17. Money Money - Movie Version
    Jonathan Pryce, Maria Friedman
  18. Tiller Girls - Movie Version
    National Symphony Orchestra