The Pajama Game

First Complete Recording

The Pajama Game, First Complete Recording
CD1: 50'05''
CD2: 41'45''

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Music and Lyrics by
Richard Adler and Jerry Ross

Book by
George Abbott and Richard Bissell

Based an the novel '7 1/2 Cents' by
Richard Bissell

Orchestrations by 
Don Walker

Ron Raines
Judy Kaye
Avery Saltzman
Kim Criswell

The National Symphony Orchestra
conducted by 
John Owen Edwards 

THE PAJAMA GAME was only the eighth to run for over 1,000 performances on Broadway and was revived by the New York City Center less than six months after this sensational run. A musical set in a garment factory, involving strife between union and management, this sounded unpromising to the unimaginative but went on to win Donaldson and Tony Awards as The Seasons Best Musical. Astonishingly, many of the production team were fresh young talents but this is reflected positively in the energy and fun of the show.

This first complete recording on double CD from JAY Records offers a unique listening opportunity for the collector and the casual listener alike.

Cast from strength, this studio cast recording sounds more like an Original Cast album than many such others. It is helped by the fact that Broadway Star Judy Kaye and others such as Avery Saltzman, Brooks Almy and David Green came to the recording fresh from their performances in the recent New York City Opera production of the masterwork. Broadway and TV star Ron Raines as well as Kim Criswell lend their talents to make this the most spectacular of musical recordings.

Hit songs abound in the score but a couple went to the very tops in the Hit Parade, HEY THERE! and HERNANDO’S HIDEAWAY. HEY THERE! HAS BEEN RECORDED BY EVERYONE FROM Frank Sinatra to Dorris Day. Dorris Day starred in the wonderful film version of the show.

CD 1
  1. Overture
    National Symphony Orchestra
  2. The Pajama Game
    Avery Saltzman
  3. Racing With The Clock
  4. A New Town Is A Blue Town
    Ron Raines
  5. Racing With The Clock (Reprise)
  6. I'm Not At All In Love
    Judy Kaye, Girls
  7. I'll Never Be Jealous Again
    Brookes Almy, David Green
  8. Hey There
    Ron Raines
  9. Her Is
    David Green, Kim Criswell, Chorus
  10. Sleep Tite
  11. Once-A-Year-Day
    Ron Raines, Judy Kaye, Susan Scott Flynn, Company
  12. Her Is (Reprise)
    David Green, Marjorie Beddow
  13. Small Talk
    Judy Kaye, Ron Raines
  14. There Once Was A Man
    Ron Raines, Judy Kaye
  15. Factory Music / Slow Down
    National Symphony Orchestra
  16. Finale Act One
    Ron Raines
CD 2
  1. Entr'acte
    National Symphony Orchestra
  2. Steam Heat
    Kim Criswell, Nic Colicos, Robert Fardell
  3. Hey There (Reprise)
    Judy Kaye
  4. Think Of The Time I Save
    Avery Saltzman, Girls
  5. Hernando's Hideaway
    Kim Criswell, Company
  6. I'll Never Be Jealous Again Ballet
    National Symphony Orchestra
  7. Seven And A Half Cent
    Judy Kaye, David Green, Avery Saltzman, Ron Raines, Company
  8. There Once Was A Man (Reprise)
    Ron Raines, Judy Kaye
  9. Finale Act Two /The Pajama Game Closing
    Theodore Pappas, Company
  10. Exit Music
    National Symphony Orchestra
  11. Hey There (Popular version)
    Ron Raines