Man Of La Mancha

First Complete Recording (DigiMIX remastered) collectors edition

Man Of La Mancha, First Complete Recording (DigiMIX remastered) collectors edition
CDJAY2 1304
CD1 58'02''
CD2 66'50''

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Experience and enjoy JAY’s Complete Recording of MAN OF LA MANCHA the Musical Play all over again in a stunning new DigiMIX release of the original Landmark Recording.

Be astonished by the brilliance of the orchestra, orchestrations and performances, as originally heard and confirmed by the author Dale Wasserman, now brought out with more clarity by the magic of DigiMIX. Be captivated and thrilled again by the excellent and powerful performances of Ron Raines, Kim Criswell, Avery Saltzman and the Company of the 2000 London production anew with more nuance and detail in this DigiMIX release of the Original 2000 London Cast Recording. Kim Criswell’s extraordinary and sensational performance of the song ALDONZA as it has never been performed like it by anyone before is made even more shattering and powerful by the magic of DigiMIX.

This new 2 CDs Deluxe DigiMIX release, comes with the complete Synopsis and Lyrics, photos from the production and an essay by Dale Wasserman, all printed in a perfect bound booklet with a slip-case and slim line packaging. A special pre-release order discount of 20% off the regular price is offered between now and the release date.

As a special consideration for those who already have the original release of the recording in their collection and would like to upgrade it, a special offer, during the pre-release period, of the purchase of only the set of the 2 DigiMIX Discs at a special price of £9.99 for the UK, $13.99 for the USA and the rest of the World and €11.99 for the EU, plus shipping. TO take advantage of this offer, click here SPECIAL DISC ONLY OFFER


A Musical Play by
Dale Wasserman

Music by
Mitch Leigh

Lyrics by
Joe Darion

Ron Raines
Kim Criswell
Avery Saltzman

Delia Jones
Eliza Lumley
Hal Fowler
Hilton Marlton
Alistair Robbins
George Dvorsky
Nick Pound
Anita Pashley

Maida Vale Singers
BBC Concert Orchestra
conducted by
David Charles Abell

Man of La Mancha, the story of Don Quixote, a tale of human faith and survival, of innocence, honesty and courage, won both the New York Drama Critics Circle Award and the Tony Award as the best musical of the 1965-1966 season. In total, the show won 5 Tony Awards, including one for best score that captured both the emotional essence of the story in "The Impossible Dream" (a song that the public quickly took to it's heart) and synthesised it's Spanish roots with songs like "Man of La Mancha", "Dulcinea", "Aldonza". It ran on Broadway for almost six years, playing a total of 2,328 performances.

London audiences were recently treated to this show at the 2000 Covent Garden Festival at the Peacock Theatre. The BBC Concert Orchestra supported Broadway and television star Ron Raines as Don Quixote, with his heart striving "to reach the unreachable star!", Kim Criswell as Dulcinea, Avery Saltzman as Sancho, the faithful manservant and opera star Della Jones as The Housekeeper.

This first complete recording of Man of La Mancha on 2 CDs features this great cast together with a host of West End talent.

CD 1
  1. Overture
    BBC Concert Orchestra
  2. Prison Scene
    Ron Raines, Christopher Fennessey, Peter Snipp, Nick Pound, Avery Saltzman
  3. Man Of La Mancha
    Ron Raines, Avery Saltzman
  4. The Enchanter
    Avery Saltzman, Ron Raines
  5. Fight Of The Windmill
    Avery Saltzman, Ron Raines
  6. Scene: Didn't I Tell You?...
    Ron Raines, Avery Saltzman
  7. It's All The Same
    Kim Criswell, Men
  8. Scene: Payment before delivery?...
    George Dvorsky, Nick Pound, Ron Raines, Avery Saltzman, Graham Stone, Mark Stobbart, Anita Pashley
  9. Dulcinea
    Ron Raines, Nick Pound, Anita Pashley, Men
  10. Scene: Governor! Governor!...
    Ron Raines, Hal Fowler, Nick Pound
  11. I'm Only Thinking Of Him
    Della Jones, Eliza Lumley, Hilton Marlton
  12. Scene: And now there appears on the scene...
    Ron Raines, Eliza Lumley, Hal Fowler, Hilton Marlton, Della Jones
  13. We're Only Thinking Of Him
    Hal Fowler, Hilton Marlton, Della Jones, Eliza Lumley
  14. Scene: Let us return now to the inn...
    Ron Raines, Kim Criswell, Avery Saltzman
  15. Scene: The Missive
    Kim Criswell, Avery Saltzman
  16. I Really Like Him
    Avery Saltzman, Kim Criswell
  17. Scene: Ay, there, old hack...
    Kim Criswell
  18. What Does He Want Of Me?
    Kim Criswell
  19. Little Bird, Little Bird
    George Dvorsky, Ron Raines, Men
  20. Scene: I spit in the milk of your little bird...
    Kim Criswell, George Dvorsky, Graham Stone
  21. Barber Song
    Alistair Robins, Ron Raines, Avery Saltzman
  22. Golden Helmet Of Mambrino
    Ron Raines, Avery Saltzman
CD 2
  1. Scene: Your friends have departed...
    Ron Raines, Nick Pound, Hilton Marlton, Hal Fowler
  2. To Each His Dulcinea
    Hilton Marlton
  3. Scene: Now I must consider how sages of the future...
    Ron Raines, Kim Criswell
  4. The Impossible Dream
  5. Scene: Once...Just once...would you look at me as I really am...
    Kim Criswell, Ron Raines
  6. The Combat
    Ron Raines, Graham Stone, Kim Criswell
  7. Scene: Victory! Victory! Victory!...
    Ron Raines, Kim Criswell, Avery Saltzman, Nick Pound, Anita Pashley
  8. The Dubbing
  9. Knight Of The Woeful Countenance
    Nick Pound, Kim Criswell, Avery Saltzman, Ron Raines
  10. The Abduction
    Kim Criswell, George Dvorsky, Graham Stone, Sharon Eckman, Men
  11. Scene: Ah Sancho, how I do envy my enemies...
    Ron Raines, Avery Saltzman
  12. Scene: The Sound?...
    Ron Raines, Nick Pound, Hal Fowler
  13. Scene: I have lived almost fifty years...
  14. Moorish Dance
    Ron Raines, Avery Saltzman, Christopher Fennessey, Amanda Dean, Moors
  15. Scene: Don't open the gates...
    Anita Pashley, Nick Pound, Ron Raines, Avery Saltzman
  16. Aldonza
    Kim Criswell, Ron Raines
  17. Knight Of The Mirrors
    Hal Fowler, Ron Raines, Avery Saltzman
  18. Scene: Cerventes! Cerventes! Prepare to be summoned...
    Ron Raines, Peter Snipp, Nick Pound, Eliza Lumley, Hilton Melton, Hal Fowler, Avery Saltzman
  19. A Little Gossip
    Avery Saltzman
  20. Scene: That's enough now...
    Ron Raines, Avery Saltzman, Hal Fowler, Hilton Marlton, Eliza Lumley
  21. Scene: Come closer girl...
    Ron Raines, Kim Criswell, Hal Fowler
  22. Finale
    Ron Raines, Kim Criswell, Avery Saltzman, Hilton Marlton
  23. Scene: Under authority of the holy office...
    Peter Snipp, Ron Raines, Nick Pound
  24. The Impossible Dream Finale
    Kim Criswell, Company
  25. Bows
    BBC Concert Orchestra
  26. Exit Music
    BBC Concert Orchestra
  27. Little Bird, Little Bird (popular version)
    George Dvorsky, Men