First Complete Recording

Kismet, First Complete Recording
CDJAY2 1251
CD1: 45'59''
CD2: 51'22''

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Music and Lyrics by
Robert Wright and George Forrest

Based on themes of
Alexander Borodin

Book by
Charles Lederer and Luther Davis

Founded on 'Kismet' by
Edward Knoblock

Orchestrations by
Arthur Kay

Valerie Masterson
Donald Maxwell
David Rendall
Richard Van Allan
Rosemary Ashe
Edmund Barnham
Bonaventura Bottone
Bruce Hubbard
Judy Kaye 
Ambrosian Chorus

The Philharmonia Orchestra 
conducted by
John Owen Edwards 

Kismet is based on a play by Edward Koblock, first performed in 1911 and made into a film with Marlene Dietrich in the 1940’s. Wright and Forrest have created a modern operetta classic in adapting virtually every usable piece of music written by the composer Alexander Borodin, most notably from the opera PRINCE IGOR. Tempos have been changed, lyrics have been incorporated, and a wealth of new music has been composed to fashion such lovely standards as STRANGER IN PARADISE and BAUBLES, BANGLES AND BEADS.

The first Broadway production opened at the Ziegfield Theater in December 1953 having originated on the West Coast with Edwin Lester’s famous company. Alfred Drake played the role of Hajj, and Doretta Morrow his daughter Marsinah. It ran for 583 performances. It was made into a film by MGM in 1956, directed by Vincente Minnelli and starring Ann Blyth and Howard.

Through hundreds of revivals, touring and amateur productions, and literally hundreds of recordings by artists as diverse as Frank Sinatra and, most recently, Valerie Masterson, et al, KISMET has earned a permanent place in the publics heart.


Hit songs include:
Stranger In Paradise
Baubles, Bangles and Beads
And This Is My Beloved

CD 1
  1. Overture
    Philharmonia Orchestra
  2. Sands Of Time
    Bonaventura Bottone, Valerie Masterson
  3. Rhymes Have I
    Donald Maxwell, Valerie Masterson, Stifyn Parri
  4. Fate
    Donald Maxwell, Simon Green
  5. Fate (Reprise)
    Donald Maxwell
  6. Bazaar Of The Caravans
  7. Not Since Nineveh
    Judy Kaye, Richard Van Allan, Rosemary Ashe, Chorus
  8. Not Since Nineveh Dance
  9. Stolen Oranges
    Philharmonia Orchestra
  10. Baubles, Bangles And Beads
    Valerie Masterson, Company
  11. Paradise Garden
    Valerie Masterson, Stifyn Parri
  12. Stranger In Paradise
    Valerie Masterson, David Rendall
  13. He's In Love
    Bonaventura Bottone, Chorus
  14. Gesticulate
    Donald Maxwell, Judy Kaye, Richard Van Allan, Men
  15. Finale Act One
    Donald Maxwell, Judy Kaye, Chorus
CD 2
  1. Entr'acte
    Philharmonia Orchestra
  2. Night Of My Nights
    David Rendall, Chorus
  3. Stranger In Paradise (Reprise)
    Valerie Masterson
  4. Was I Wazir?
    Richard Van Allan, Men
  5. Rahadlakum
    Judy Kaye, Donald Maxwell, Rosemary Ashe, Chorus
  6. Rahadlakum Dance
    Judy Kaye, Donald Maxwell, Rosemary Ashe, David Rendall
  7. And This Is My Beloved
    Valerie Masterson, David Rendall, Donald Maxwell, Richard Van Allan
  8. The Olive Tree
    Donald Maxwell
  9. Zubbediya
    Rosemary Ashe, Men
  10. Samaris Dance
    Philharmonia Orchestra
  11. Finale Act Two
    Donald Maxwell, Valerie Masterson, David Rendall, Chorus
  12. Bored (from film of Kismet)
  13. In The Beginning Woman (from Timbuktu)
    Rosemary Ashe
  14. Golden Land, Golden Life (from Timbuktu)
    Bruce Hubbard, Simon Green
  15. My Magic Lamp (from Timbuktu)
    Valerie Masterson
  16. Power (from Timbuktu)
    Bruce Hubbard, Simon Green, Men
  17. Golden Land, Golden Life (from Timbuktu)
    Bonaventura Bottone, Edmund Barham, Men