Original Off-Broadway Cast

Prodigal, Original Off-Broadway Cast
CDJAY 1370
CD1: 50'54''


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The York Theatre Company presents


Book by
Dean Bryant

Lyrics by
Mathew Frank

Christian Borle?, Kerry Butler?, Alison Fraser?,
David Hess?, Joshua Park



As the OVERTURE fades, we meet Luke Flannery and his family; father Harry, mother Celia and brother Kane, who live in Eden, Australia, a PICTURE POSTCARD PLACE. Luke is 18 today and joining the Flannery fishing business the next day, but isn't so sure that he wants to spend another eighteen years playing HAPPY FAMILIES. Harry gives him a car for his birthday, to use for business (much to Kane's disgust), but Luke announces he has just gotten into Sydney University, and wants to go. Celia tries to keep the mood light (PICTURE POSTCARD PLACE - reprise). Against Harry's wishes, Luke runs away (RUN WITH THE TIDE) to Sydney.

He moves into a warehouse apartment with Maddy, a performance artist, who encourages him to start shifting his perspective and see the world with BRAND NEW EYES. They quickly become best friends, but when Maddy tells Luke she loves him, he is forced to introduce his boyfriend from University, Zach. A few weeks later, Zach moves into the apartment, and the three get better acquainted sharing childhood memories (WHEN I WAS A KID). Luke realizes he has shut his family out of his life, so calls home to tell his parents his news, but they don't react as he hoped (MY BOY). Luke responds by going out, experimenting with drugs, letting all responsibility slide (OUT OF MYSELF). Maddy throws him out after one late night party too many, and eventually Zach dumps him (SET ME FREE). Luke decides he has to return home to mend the bridges he burned (EPIPHANY). 

The homecoming doesn't go as he hopes, as neither Luke nor Harry can bring themselves to admit they could be wrong, and Luke is thrown out of the house. When Harry stops Celia from going after him, she pushes him aside (LOVE THEM AND LEAVE THEM ALONE), going after Luke. Harry takes his frustration out on Kane, and goes down to the club. Celia tracks Luke down at the local pub, and asks him to be a little more understanding of Harry, but Luke won't back down in his beliefs (WHERE DOES IT GET YOU). She leaves him for the night, and Luke receives a phone call, telling him to meet Kane at the shipyard. At the docks he is bashed; simultaneously Maddy performs at a piece she developed through meeting Luke and opening up to her own dad (MADDY'S PIECE).

Kane comes home the next day to find out from Harry that Luke is in the hospital. Kane admits he is responsible, but thought Harry would be pleased. Harry lays into Kane, who points out Harry isn't exactly blameless himself before walking out. Harry goes to the hospital and relieves Celia of her watch over Luke (LULLABY). 

Months later, Luke is well, but hasn't left the family home. Celia and Harry both encourage him to get out, but he refuses. They spring a surprise on him; Maddy, having invited her down to try and wake Luke up. Maddy reminds Luke of why he left, who turns on her, but eventually he reimagines the life he went in search for, and decides to return to Sydney, and have another go (FINALE). He heads out to show Maddy around his home town, leaving Harry and Celia alone in the family home. 

CD 1
  1. Overture
    Original Off Broadway Cast
  2. Picture Postcard Place
    Joshua Park, Alison Fraser
  3. Happy Families
    Joshua Park, Alison Fraser, Christian Borle, David Hess
  4. Picture Postcard Place (Reprise)
    Alison Fraser, Joshua Park, Christian Borle, David Hess
  5. Run With The Tide
    Joshua Park
  6. Brand New Eyes
    Kerry Butler, Joshua Park
  7. When I Was A Kid (Part One)
    Kerry Butler, Christian Borle, Joshua Park
  8. When I Was A Kid (Part Two)
    Joshua Park
  9. My Boy
    David Hess, Alison Fraser, Christian Borle, Joshua Park
  10. Out Of Myself
    Christian Borle, Joshua Park
  11. Set Me Free
    Christian Borle, Joshua Park
  12. Epiphany
    Joshua Park, Alison Fraser, David Hess
  13. Love Them And Leave Them Alone
    Alison Fraser, David Hess
  14. Where Does It Get You
    Joshua Park, Alsion Fraser
  15. Maddy's Piece
    Kerry Butler
  16. Lullaby
    David Hess
  17. Finale
    Joshua Park, Kerry Butler, Alison Fraser, David Hess