The Prince and The Pauper

Original Off-Broadway Cast

The Prince and The Pauper, Original Off-Broadway Cast
CDJAY 1368
CD1: 65'36''

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CD 1
  1. The Prince Is Coming / Touch My Hand
  2. Father Andrew's Lesson / Thrill Of Adventure
    Gerard Canonico, Guy LeMonnier, Company
  3. The King Of Offal Court
    Michael McCormick, Gerard Canonico, Robert Anthony Jones
  4. Lullaby
    Sally Wilfert
  5. Almost Home
    Rob Evan
  6. If I Were You
    Gerard Canonico, Dennis Michael Hall
  7. The Prince Is Mad
    Allison Fischer, Company
  8. The Lesson / Fortune
    Michael McCormick, Wayne Schroder, Gerard Canonica
  9. Is This Love?
    Allison Fischer, Kathy Brier
  10. Simple Boy
    Robert Anthony Jones, Company
  11. London Bridge
    Dennis Michael Hall, Company
  12. Let's Toast
    Brian Minyard, Company
  13. My Father Is Right
    Dennis Michael Hall, Robert Another Jones
  14. The Trials Of Tom
    Gerard Canonico, Company
  15. I Was Blind
    Rita Harvey, Wayne Schroder
  16. Twilight
    Rob Evan
  17. Now I See
    Rob Evan, Dennis Michael Hall, Gerard Canonico, Company
  18. The Coronation / Finale
  19. Bows
  20. Lonely
    Rob Evan, Rita Harvey