Jule Styne - I'm The Greatest Star

Jule Styne - I'm The Greatest Star
CDJAY 1335
CD1: 51'21''

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Jule Styne - I'm The Greatest Star   Jule Styne - I'm The Greatest Star
CDJAY 1335

Jule Styne - I'm The Greatest Star, Everythings Coming Up Roses   Jule Styne Overtures Vol 1


The musicals of Jule Styne are famous for their great scores, but The Overtures of Jule Styne are legendary for the sensational arrangements and punch. It has been acknowledged that the Overture to GYPSY is possibly the GREATEST Overture from a Broadway Musical ever written. This long awaited CD release of more Overtures of Jule Styne contains both his familiar hit Overtures as well as his less familiar Overtures. Amongst the hit Overtures are FUNNY GIRL (Both Broadway and Film Versions), BELLS ARE RINGING (Both Broadway and Film Versions) and GYPSY (Film Version) and the less familiar Overtures include DARLING OF THE DAY, LOOK TO THE LILIES and SAY DARLING.

There are a total of 10 Overtures and 1 End Titles (from the movie of GYPSY). All the Overtures are recorded complete for the first time ever. The original cast albums of those shows contains abridged and cut versions of the Overtures.

Recorded in London at the Abbey Road Studios in Dolby Surround. The National Symphony Orchestra was conducted by Jack Everly who has conducted numerous musicals on Broadway and is the Musical Director of The American Ballet Theatre.

CD 1
  1. Funny Girl Overture (Original Broadway Version)
  2. Darling Of The Day Overture
  3. Look To The Lilies Overture
  4. Bells Are Ringing Overture (Original Broadway Version)
  5. One Night Stand Overture
  6. Arturo Ui Overture
  7. Say Darling Overture
  8. Gypsy Overture (Film Version)
  9. Funny Girl Overture (Film Version)
  10. Bells Are Ringing Overture (Film Version)
  11. Gypsy End Titles