Original Cast Recording Chichester Festival Theatre

Valmouth, Original Cast Recording     Chichester Festival Theatre
CDJAY2 1345
CD1: 66'56''

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Book, Music and Lyrics by
Sandy Wilson

from the novel by
Ronald Firbank

Valmouth is the extraordinary and highly original musical from one of Britains great composers for the Musical Stage. This recording joins that ranks of other Wilson's classics such as THE BOYFRIEND (CDJAY 1289) and DIVORCE ME, DARLING! (CDJAY 1273). The great Bertice Reading reprised the role of Mrs.Yajnavalkaya in this Chichester Festival production, one, which was written for her by Sandy for the original London production. The Chichester Festival production featured an all star cast which included Fenella Fielding, Robet Helpmann, Doris Hare, Mark Wynter and Judy Campbell, who introduced the song "A Nightingale Sang In Barkerly Square" (not from the production) to the world, during the war.

Valmouth is a musical before it's time because it confronts such subjects as Inter-racial marriages, sexual pleasures, prostitution, religion, woman's lib, toy boys, gayness, magic, the British class system and innocence.

Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London in 1982, this first USA release on JAY Records has been digitally remastered by producer John Yap.

CD 1
  1. Opening / Valmouth
  2. Magic Fingers
    Bertice Reading
  3. Mustapha
    Bertice Reading
  4. I Loved a Man
    Cheryl Kennedy
  5. Where Then Can Make Him Come So Slow?
    Femi Taylor
  6. All the Girls Were Pretty
    Fenella Fielding, Jane Wenham, Judy Campbell
  7. Just Once More
    Bertice Reading, Fenella Fielding
  8. Lady of the Manor
    Bertice Reading, Femi Taylor
  9. What Do I Want With Love?
    Robert Meadmore
  10. My Big Best Shoes
    Bertice Reading, Doris Hare
  11. Niri Esther
    Mark Wynter, Simon Butteriss
  12. The Cry of the Peacock
    Bertice Reading, Doris Hare
  13. Little Girl Baby
    Bertice Reading
  14. The Cathedral of Clemenza
    Robert Helpmann
  15. Only a Passing Phase
    Fenella Fielding
  16. Valmouth
    Mark Wynter
  17. Where the Trees Are Green With Parrots
    Femi Taylor
  18. My Talking Day
    Marcia Ashton
  19. I Will Miss You
    Bertice Reading, Doris Hare
  20. Finale / Valmouth
    Bertice Reading, Company