Divorce Me, Darling!

Original 1997 Revival Cast Recording

Divorce Me, Darling!, Original 1997 Revival Cast Recording
CDJAY 1273
CD1: 69'23''

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Book, Music and Lyrics by
Sandy Wilson

Ruthie Henshall
Kevin Colson
Tim Flavin
Linzi Hately
Andrew Halliday
Liliane Montevecchi
Marti Webb
Joan Savage

Divorce Me, Darling! is the sequel show to Sandy Wilson’s "The Boyfriend" and was first performed in 1964. It follows the fate of the happy marriages that ended the first show. Meticulously re-produced here with the full participation of the composer, Sandy Wilson, is the show as he intended, sung wonderfully by a star-studded cast and produced in full Digital Dolby Surround. The supplimentary of Sandy Wilson’s "The Boyfriend" will bring these shows full circle and gives a full record of these wonderful shows.

CD 1
  1. Overture
  2. Here We Are In Nice Again
    Linzi Hateley, Ann Sidney, Nicola Keen, Samatha George, Comapny
  3. What Happened To Love?
    Ruthie Henshall, Ann Sidney, Nicola Keen, Samantha George
  4. Someone To Dance With
    Tim Flavin
  5. Lights! Music!
    Liliane Montevecchi, Linzi Hateley, Chorus
  6. Maisie
    Geoff David, Danny Teeson, Greg Pichery
  7. Back To Nature
    Joan Savage, Simon Butteriss, Nicole Carty, Ruth Donaldson, Kate Ellen Fouracre
  8. On The Loose
    Jack Tripp, Girls
  9. Paradise Hotel
    Linzi Hateley, David Alder
  10. No Harm Done
    Ruthie Henshall, Tim Flavin
  11. Together Again
    Ruthie Henshall, Tim Flavin, Rosemarie Ford, Andrew Halliday
  12. Finaletto: Paradise Hotel
    Linzi Hateley, David Alder, Company
  13. Entr'acte
  14. Divorce Me, Darling!
    Ruthie Henshall, Tim Flavin, Andrew Halliday, Rosemarie Ford, Company
  15. Here Am I, But Where's The Guy?
    Marti Webb
  16. Out Of Step
    Tim Flavin, Rosemarie Ford, Chorus
  17. Fancy Forgetting
    Linzi Hateley, Liliane Montevecchi, Kevin Colson
  18. Together Again (Reprise)
    Kevin Colson, Liliane Montevecchi, Ruthie Henshall
  19. You're Absolutely Me
    Marti Webb, Simon Butteriss
  20. Back Where We Started
    Ruthie Henshall, Andrew Halliday
  21. Back Where We Started (Reprise)
    Ann Sidney, Jack Tripp
  22. Blondes Are For Danger
    Liliane Montevecchi, Company
  23. Fun Time Is Here To Stay
    Rosemarie Ford, Company
  24. Finale