The Broadway Tenors

National Symphony Orchestra

The Broadway Tenors, National Symphony Orchestra
CDJAY 1450

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Seventeen years ago I asked my friend Betsy Friday [picture left], to help me create a concert evening called The Broadway Tenors.  I met Betsy when we were dancing partners shooting a Coke-a-Cola commercial in 1980.  Betsy had retired from performing, started the Betsy Friday Company and started producing. 

Our idea from the beginning was to have a group of guys flow in and out of the concert, depending on availability. The goal was to maintain the highest level of talent with every combination of singers.  This framework has worked really well. We also brought in Michael Dansicker to develop special arrangements and Barry Kleinbort to help with the connective dialogue.  David Loud, Phil Reno and Jim Rice have all contributed outstanding arrangements over the years.  Phil Reno, thank you for the generosity of your time while recording this CD and your talent and patience on the road.  The “juice” will always be waiting.

In the fall of 2000, The Broadway Tenors had their first public performance at the Naples Performing Arts Center with Hugh Panaro, Alan Campbell and myself.  As more dates were booked, and everyone’s schedules became more complicated, we started adding new singers.  Along with the Tenors on this CD, I want to thank Brian d’Arcy James, Hugh Panaro, Gavin Creel, Ron Bohmer, Stephen Bogardus, David Burnham, George Dvorsky, Brian Lane Green, Kevin Spirtas, Sal Viviano, Jonathan Dokuchitz, and Matt Farnsworth for lending their beautiful voices and dedication over the years.  I also want to thank Michael David, of The Dodgers, and Mark Sendroff, for helping Betsy and I sort through the growing pains of a new venture.  To Sam Ellis, Reggie Barton, Don Meyers, John Boswell and Philip Fortenberry, I thank you.

In 2001, I was in London rehearsing Kiss Me Kate, when I received a phone call that a plane had flown into the World Trade Center.  We watched television from a pub around the corner as the world changed forever.  Everything came to a halt.  And then my dear friend Betsy was diagnosed with Leukemia.  After a difficult struggle with this horrible disease, she died July 22, 2002 at the age of 44.

Determined to keep the Tenors going, I enlisted Matthew Inge, to book the Tenors in the symphony world.  Matthew, now The Broadway Tenors’ general manager, added a much-needed multimedia aspect to the concert.  No one can organize and schedule like Matthew, and I’m very grateful!

Which brings us to the present.  My friend Levi Walker put together a 30 second television commercial, which I put on Facebook.  John Yap saw it and messaged me asking if I’d be interested in doing a Broadway Tenors CD.  I was thrilled, and here it is!!

Betsy was a beautiful woman with a spirit to match. She was a guiding force of The Broadway Tenors and I hope she would be proud.  I keep a picture of her on my desk, Betsy standing in a field of sunflowers. For your friendship and guidance, this is for you, Betsy. 

Love to all, Brent Barrett

    John Cudia, Jeff Kready, Lewis Cleale and Company
  2. BEING ALIVE from Company
    Lewis Cleale
  3. THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM from Man Of La Mancha
    Ryan Silverman
  4. MARIA from West Side Story
    Jeff Kready
  5. SUNSET BOULEVARD from Sunset Boulevard
    Max Von Essen
  6. CORNER OF THE SKY from Pippin
    Kyle Dean Massey
  7. BRING HIM HOME from Les Miserables
    John Cudia
  8. LILY’S EYES from The Secret Garden
    Brent Barrett and Ryan Silverman
  9. STARS from Les Miserables
    Norm Lewis
  10. WHY GOD WHY? from Miss Saigon
    Sean McDermott
    Matt Cavenaugh, Brent Barrett and Alan Campbell
  12. LOVE CHANGES EVERYTHING from Aspects of Love
    Matt Cavenaugh
  13. LUCKY TO BE ME from On The Town
    Alan Campbell
  14. YOU’RE NOTHING WITHOUT ME from City Of Angels
    Lewis Cleale and Kyle Dean Massey
  15. MUSIC OF THE NIGHT from Phantom Of The Opera
    Brent Barrett
  16. ONE SONG GLORY from Rent
    Telly Leung
  17. THIS IS THE MOMENT from Jekyll And Hyde
    Kyle Dean Massey, John Cudia and Max von Essen