Sullivan & Co.

The Operas That Got Away

Sullivan & Co., The Operas That Got Away
CDJAY 1302
CD1: 51'40''

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After his famous partnership with G.S. Gilbert, Sir Arthur Sullivan carried on writing operas with various other librettists. None of the resulting operas was recorded, either wholly or partly. JAY Records take great pride in announcing the World Premier release of Arias, Duets and Ensembles from the canon including The Martyr of Antioch, Ivanhoe, Haddon Hall, The Chieftan, The Beauty Stone, The Rose of Persia and The Emerald Isle.

The music for this recording is rightly performed by English opera Stars who are renowned and acclaimed for their performances of Gilbert and Sullivan. They are Valerie Masterson, Frances McCafferty, Gillian Knight, Arthur Davis, Richard Suart and Gareth Jones.

The National Symphony Orchestra is conducted David Steadman.

Recorded in Digital Dolby Surround Sound at Abbey Road Studios in London.

CD 1
  1. Now Glory To The God Who Breaks (from The Martyr Of Antioch)
    Chorus, Henry Hart Milman
  2. Io Paean (from The Martyr Of Antioch)
    Gillian Knight, Chorus, Henry Hart Milman
  3. O Moon Art Thou Clad (from Ivanhoe)
    Valerie Masterson, Julian Sturgis
  4. Ho! Jolly Jenkin (from Ivanhoe)
    Gareth Jones, Chorus
  5. When The Budding Bloom Of May (from Haddon Hall)
    Gillian Knight, Gareth Jones, Sydney Grundy, Valerie Masterson, Frances McCafferty, Chorus
  6. The Sun's In The Sky (from Haddon Hall)
    Frances McCafferty, Chorus, Sydney Grundy
  7. In Days Of Old (from Haddon Hall)
    Gareth Jones, Chorus, Sydney Grundy
  8. Queen Of The Garden (from Haddon Hall)
    Gillian Knight, Chorus, Sydney Sturgis
  9. The Gay Hussar (from The Chieftain)
    Arthur Davis, Chorus, Francis Cowley Burnand
  10. Ah, Oui, J'etais Une Pensionnaire (from The Chieftain)
    Valerie Masterson, Arthur Davis, Francis Cowley Burnand
  11. Since It Dwelt In That Rock (from The Beauty Stone)
    Richard Suart, Joseph William Comyns Carr
  12. Mine! Mine At Last!...Ride On (from The Beauty Stone)
    Valerie Masterson, Joseph William Comyns Carr
  13. I Care Not If The Cup I Hold (The Drinking Song) (from The Rose Of Persia)
    Arthur Davis, Basil Hood
  14. If You Wish To Appear As An Irish Type (from The Emerald Isle)
    Richard Suart, Chorus, Basil Hood
  15. On The Heights Of Glentaun (from The Emerald Isle)
    Arthur Davis, Francis McCafferty, Gareth Jones, Basil Hood
  16. Come Away Sighs The Fairy Voice (from The Emerald Isle)
    Valerie Masterson, Gillian Knight, Arthur Davis, Richard Suart, Chorus, Basil Hood