Original Cast - Complete Recording

Pendragon, Original Cast - Complete Recording
CDJAY2 1346
CD1: 44'36''
CD2: 56'29''

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Music by
Peter Allwood

Book and Lyrics by
Peter Allwood, Joanna Horton, Jeremy James Taylor and Frank Whatly

The National Youth Music Theatre

Adapted from the Arthurian legends, PENDRAGON is a perfect showcase for Britain's National Youth Music Theatre, rich in young and uncomplicated talent. With music by Peter Allwood, and book and lyrics by Peter Allwood, Joanna Horton, Jeremy James Taylor and Frank Whately, the composers have focused on the difficulties and life's complexities faced by Arthur Pendragon in his journey from boy to man, despite the guidance of his mentor, the Merlin. There is action, the confronting of one's destiny, and the forces which threaten to overwhelm, explored through a drama full of movement, mystery and music.

PENDRAGON was first staged by The National Youth Music Theatre company at Horsham Arts Centre in 1994, following creative work-shops with members of the original cast. It was then performed at the Edinburgh Festival the 

same year where the show won the Scotsman Fringe First Award and the Hamada Edinburgh Festival Award. PENDRAGON has since been seen in Taipei, Hong Kong, London, New York and has just finished a week in Exeter and a week in Porthcurno before returning to London's Peacock Theatre for a short season in October this year.

A fantastical barnstorming exploration of the Arthurian legend.

We are delighted to present the award-winning show complete on 2 CDs.

Produced by John Yap and recorded in Digital Dolby Surround at Abbey Road Studios, London.


"A stormer of a show" SUNDAY TIMES

"Another triumphant production from Britain's greatest youth company." THE 


CD 1
  1. Sae-Draca
  2. Pendragon Calls
  3. Scene Two: The Court Of Uther
  4. My Little Child, My Brother / Send Her To The Nunnery
    Katie Wilson, Matt Katon, Men
  5. Scene Three: The Forest
    Matt Katon, Men
  6. Time Passing
    Matt Katon
  7. Adam Lay Y-Bounden / Deo Gracias
    Katie Wilson, Susan Dale, Charlotte Hoare, Girls
  8. Magnificat
    Rebecca Lock, Katie Wilson, Matt Katon, Chorus
  9. I've Tried To Say I Want Their Comfort
    Katie Wilson
  10. Scene Six: The Merlin's Cell
    Matt Katon, Daniel Allwood
  11. I Don't Want To Grow Up / Let Me Go
    Daniel Allwood, Matt Katon, James Hoare, Tom Chambers
  12. King Pellinore's Tale
    Tom Chambers, James Hoare, Daniel Allwood
  13. Scene Seven: The Apple Tree / Morgan's Temptation
    Katie Wilson, Daniel Allwood, James Hoare
  14. Scene Eight: The Woods / Kelemon
    Daniel Allwood, James Hoare, Boys
  15. The Falcon
    Matt Katon, Chorus
  16. Scene Ten: The Forest
    Katie Wilson, Daniel Allwood, Matt Katon, Chorus
  17. Morgan's Curse
    Katie Wilson, Daniel Allwood, Andrew Hewitt, Matt Katon
  18. For Years I've Given You A Light
    Matt Katon, Andrew Hewitt
  19. A Call To Arms
  20. Scene Eleven: The Court Of King Uther
    Nick Saich, Shula Keyte, Matt Katon, Company
  21. The Battle
    Nick Saich, Company
CD 2
  1. The Sword In The Stone
  2. Time Passing / Scene Thirteen: The Castle Of King Leodegraunce
    Rebecca Lock, Charlotte Hoare, Girls
  3. I Hear The Wind Blow Coldly
    Rebecca Lock, Reuben Jones
  4. The Lake Of Avalon
    Rebecca Lock, Reuben Jones, Charlotte Hoare, Madeleine Worrall, Ladies
  5. Scene Fifteen: The Court Of King Arthur / Coronation Fanfare
    Katie Wilson, Matt Katon, Company
  6. In Every Vision
    Andrew Hewitt, Rebecca Lock, Katie Wilson, Matt Katon, Company
  7. Scene Sixteen: The Castle Of Caerleon / Time Passing (Reprise)
    Rebecca Lock, Katie Wilson, Matt Katon, Charlotte Hoare, Nick Saich
  8. How My Fear Haunts Me Still
    Rebecca Lock
  9. Pendragon's Quest
    Andrew Hewitt, Tom Chambers, Company
  10. Scene Eighteen: At Caerleon
    Rebecca Lock, Andrew Hewitt, Katie Wilson, Christian Coulson, Nick Saich, Men
  11. Nay Had The Apple Taken Been
    Rebecca Lock, Nick Saich, Katie Wilson, Girls
  12. Lost!
    Andrew Hewitt, Company
  13. On The Falcon
    Andrew Hewitt, Matt Katon
  14. Sae-Draca (Reprise)
    Katie Wilson, Andrew Hewitt, Company
  15. On The Moss
    Madeleine Worrall, Andrew Hewitt, Ladies
  16. Sae-Draca (Reprise)
    Andrew Hewitt, Katie Wilson, Company
  17. Pendragon's Return
    Andrew Hewitt, Katie Wilson, Matt Katon, Rebecca Lock, Charlotte Hoare, James Hoare
  18. Finale Act Two
    Rebecca Lock, Andrew Hewitt, Madeleine Worrall, Company