Original London Cast

Nightingale, Original London Cast
CDJAY 1327
CD1: 79'42

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Broadway legend, Charles Strouse, the composer of some of Broadway's greatest hits (ANNIE, BYE BYE BIRDIE, APPLAUSE and GOLDEN BOY) wrote this charming musical for London. It is based on the children's classic by Hans Christian Andersen, The Nightingale and The Emperor. One of the musical theatre most famous stars, Sarah Brightman sang the title role of The Nightingale.

This gentle and beautiful piece has appealed to both children and adults in many productions throughout the World since it's premiere at The Lyric Theatre, London. This complete recording is of the Original London Cast of that production. It is being released for the first time on CD and has been digitally re-mastered.

"A ravishing spectacle….a serious and touching piece of work that repays attention and, I would imagine, a second hearing…." The Financial Times.

"Mr.Strouse delivers an astute blend of oriental sonorities and jazz rhythms, solos that really relate to birdsong, and an operatically thrilling trio for the last act rescue…." The Times

"An unexpected joy….Peter James' production sends them dancing into the street…..easy flowing but not unadventurous music, alternating between a grave charm and straight-faced satire, is carried out to near perfection…."  The Stage.

CD 1
  1. Prologue
  2. Perfect Harmony
  3. Perfect Harmony (Reprise)
    Gordon Sandison, Company
  4. Nobody Ever Sang For Me
    Gordon Sandison
  5. Why Am I So Happy?
    Susannah Fellows
  6. Take Us To The Forest
  7. Who Are These People?
    Sarah Brightman
  8. Never Speak Directly To An Emperor
    Bruce Ogston, Grant Smith, Susannah Fellows, Company
  9. Nightingale
  10. The Emperor Is A Man
    Susannah Fellows
  11. I Was Lost
    Sarah Brightman, Gordon Sandison
  12. Entr'acte
  13. Charming
    Jill Pert, Dinah Harris
  14. A Singer Must Be Free
    Sarah Brightman
  15. The Mechanical Bird
    Carole Brooke, Company
  16. Please Don't Make Me Hear That Song Again
    Carole Brooke
  17. Rivers Cannot Flow Upwards
    Sarah Brightman, Susannah Fellows
  18. Death Duet
    Sarah Brightman, Gordon Sandison, Michael Heath, Susannah Fellows
  19. We Are China / Finale
    Sarah Brightman, Company