Michael Dore - Stage by Stage

with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Michael Dore - Stage by Stage, with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
DDJAY 8204

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I have had many great musical influences and experiences in my life and have been lucky enough to work with the world’s leading orchestras, especially on the stages of Carnegie Hall, the Sydney Opera House & the Royal Albert Hall. Many of the best times have been with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and often with my dear friend Mary Carewe.

This album is a collection of my favourite tracks from the many recordings & concerts we have all made together. I hope you enjoy the ones I have chosen.

Thank you for listening.



During my time with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra I was fortunate enough to be able to invite Michael Dore to appear with the RPO on many occasions, in all of London’s major concert halls. Every show has been a delight and his version of Barry Manilow’s Copacabana is worth travelling a long way to see!

I had often noticed Mike on recording sessions. It didn’t seem to matter what the music was – film score, classical, musicals, whenever there was group of singers Mike was always there. I was impressed and asked around. Without exception everyone said the same – Mike was the most versatile singer around and always the first choice for any session.

Not only that but he is absolutely the nicest person to work with – always supportive of his colleagues and he is very funny too!

Over the years I have got to know Mike well and admire his all round musical ability, he seems to be happy in all styles of music.

I was around when Mike recorded many of the tracks on this album and we had terrific fun at the sessions. The range of songs amply demonstrates Mike’s rare ability to make each number his own.

I am proud to have played a very small part in making this album possible but even prouder to have Mike as a friend.

Ian Maclay October 2017
Managing Director, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (1982–1992 & 2001–2016)

  1. LUCK BE A LADY (from Guys and Dolls)
    Michael Dore
  2. JOHANNA (from Sweeney Todd)
    Michael Dore
  3. ALL I ASK OF YOU (from The Phantom of the Opera)
    Michael Dore and Mary Carewe
  4. MOVIES WERE MOVIES (from Mack & Mabel)
    Michael Dore
  5. YOUNGER THAN SPRINGTIME (from South Pacific)
    Michael Dore
  6. COPACABANA (from Copacabana)
    Michael Dore
  7. HUSHABYE MOUNTAIN (from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang)
    Michael Dore
  8. SUDDENLY SEYMOUR (from Little Shop of Horrors)
    Michael Dore and Mary Carewe
  9. I AM WHAT I AM (from La Cage aux Folles)
    Michael Dore
  10. I HAVE DREAMED (from The King and I)
    Michael Dore
    Michael Dore and Mary Carewe
  12. IF I CAN'T LOVE HER (from Beauty & the Beast)
    Michael Dore
  13. ELECTRICITY (from Billy Elliot)
    Michael Dore