Lost Empires

Original TV Soundtrack

Lost Empires, Original TV Soundtrack
CDTER 1119

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Lost Empires was a TV adaptation of the J B Priestley novel of the same name. Made in 1986 it starred many familiar names Laurence Olivier, Colin Firth, Pamela Stephenson and John Castle amongst others, and was nominated for 6 BAFTA Awards.

It tells the story of life on the variety stage and the passing on of old music hall traditions and routines as the world descends into the nightmare of the First World War.

The soundtrack features tracks from many award winning writers and composers, performed by a host of performers that are now Internationally recognised names.

CD 1
  1. Lost Empires Theme
    Derek Hilton, John Yap
  2. The Army Of Today's Alright / Your King And Country
    Julia Parrott, Fred W. Leigh, Kenneth Lyle, Paul A. Rubens
  3. A Pure White Rose / Somewhere
    Pamela Stephenson, Harry Dacre, Charles K. Harris
  4. Oh Flo!
    Jane Arden, Diana Palmerston, John Asquith, Stephen Brigden, Bruce Morrison, Harry Dacre
  5. They Didn't Believe Me
    Diana Palmerston, Jerome Kern, Herbert Reynolds
  6. The Wedding Glide
    Kenneth Nelson, Weston Gavin, Albert De Courville, Louis A. Hirsch
  7. The Cigar Girl
    Laurence Olivier, Stanley Sands, Vincent Davies
  8. The Honeysuckle And The Bee
    Jane Arden, Diana Palmerston, John Asquith, Stephen Brigden, Bruce Morrison, William H. Penn, Albert H. Fitz
  9. Mother Machree
    Joseph Ward, Rida Johnson Young, Chancey Olcott, Ernest R Ball
  10. Alexander's Ragtime Band
    Rio Fortune, Mike Mosebury, Claude Walloon, Irving Berlin
  11. Land Of Hope And Glory
    Jane Eaglen, Arthur C. Benson, Edward Elgar
  12. Rule Britannia
    Jane Eaglen, Thomas Arne, James Thomson
  13. A Pure White Rose/I Don't Want To Play In Your Yard
    Pamela Stephenson, Harry Dacre, Philip Wingate, Henry W. Petrie
  14. Shine On Harvest Moon
    Kenneth Nelson, Weston Gavin, Nora Bayes, Jack Norworth
  15. Love's Old Sweet Song
    Jane Eaglen, J. Clifton Bingham, James L. Molloy
  16. The Trombone Song
    Laurence Olivier, Sam Mayo
  17. Take Me On The Flip-Flap
    Jane Arden, Charles Willmott, Herman E. Darewski Jnr, Diana Palmerston, John Asquith, Bruce Morrison, Stephen Brigden
  18. Nobody Knows, Nobody Cares
    Diana Palmerston, Charles K. Harris
  19. Mr. Knick-Knock
    Brian Glover, Harry Luck
  20. Poor Little Dolly
    Pamela Stephenson, Marie Heath, George Schleiffarth
  21. Waiting For The Robert E. Lee
    Rio Fortune, Mike Mosebury, Claude Walloon, L. Wolfe Gilbert, Lewis F. Muir
  22. Catari Catari
    Emil Wolk, R. Cordiferro, Salvatore Cardillo
  23. The Nightingale And The Star / A Pure White Rose
    Pamela Stephenson, John P. Harrington, George Le Brunn, Harry Dacre
  24. Julie's Theme
    Derek Hilton