Listen To The Wind

Original Revival London Cast

Listen To The Wind, Original Revival London Cast
CDJAY 1283
CD1: 50'52''

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Music and Lyrics by
Vivian Ellis

Original Book By
Angela Ainley Jeans

Revised Book by
Peter Morris

Based on an adaptation by
Humphrey Carpetner

When ‘Listen To The Wind’ was revived at the King’s Head it became an instant hit. Tickets were like gold dust. This revival is the first since it’s original presentation in the West End in the 1950’s - Dame Maggie Smith was in that cast. Stage and Screen star Paula Wilcox heads this production and recording. The composer Vivian Ellis, together with Andrew Lloyd Webber, Sandy Wilson, David Heneker, Ivor Novello, Lionel Bart and Julian Slade represent the greatest of the British Musical Theatre composers.

This JAY cast recording compliment the soon to be released ‘Mr Cinders’ – from which the recent Sting hit "Spread A Little Happiness" comes.

CD 1
  1. Overture
    Michael Levine
  2. Introductions
    Paula Wilcox & Vicky Taylor
  3. When I Grow Up
    Ben McCosker, Olivia Hallinan & Vicky Taylor
  4. Who'd Be Governed By a Governess
    Paula Wilcox
  5. Timothy's Under the Table
    Ben McCosker & Company
  6. Bread and Butter Song
    Michael Gyngell & Steffan Boje
  7. Listen to the Wind
    Ben McCosker & Olivia Hallinan
  8. I'm a Naughty Gale Bird
    James Powell
  9. Finale Act One
    Ben McCosker, Olivia Hallinan & Vicky Taylor
  10. Palace of the Wind
    Jane Lesley, Michael Gyngell, Naomi Bell & Steffan Boje
  11. Whistle Down the Chimney
    Ben McCosker, James Powell, Jane Lesley, Michael Gyngell, Naomi Bell, Olivia Hallinan, Steffan Boje & Vicky Taylor
  12. It's Nice to Be Home Again
    Company & Gabrielle Hamilton
  13. Miaow!
    Company & Gabrielle Hamilton
  14. I Used to Rock
    Paula Wilcox
  15. Thunder Song
    Cameron Blakely & Company
  16. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
    Ben McCosker, Cameron Blakely, Olivia Hallinan & Vicky Taylor
  17. Musical Chairs
    Ben McCosker, Cameron Blakely, Olivia Hallinan & Vicky Taylor
  18. Statue for Gallantry
    Paula Wilcox & Company
  19. I Used to Rock (Reprise)
    Cameron Blakely, Jane Lesley, Michael Gyngell, Naomi Bell, Paula Wilcox & Steffan Boje
  20. When They Grow Up
    Gabrielle Hamilton
  21. Finale Act Two
    Paula Wilcox