HMS Pinafore (Complete Recording of the Score)

New Saddler's Wells Opera

HMS Pinafore (Complete Recording of the Score), New Saddler's Wells Opera
CDJAY2 1324
CD1: 41'55''
CD2: 39'18''

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First complete recording of the authentic version Of one of GILBERT and SULLIVAN's most beloved Operas

To follow up the release of the English National Opera recording of Gilbert and Sullivan's The Mikado, JAY Records is proud to announce the second in the Gilbert and Sullivan series, HMS PINAFORE. This will coincide with the premiere of the greatly anticipated new Mike Leigh movie on the life of Gilbert and Sullivan this summer. This complete recording of the authentic version of HMS PINAFORE, with synopsis and sleeve notes prepared by Britain's leading authority on the works of Gilbert and Sullivan, Dr. David Russell Hulme, features the soloists, chorus and orchestra of The NEW SADLER'S WELLS OPERA, conducted by Simon Phipps. It was recorded at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London in Digital Stereo. This recording is now the recommended recording by both The Penquin Guide to Opera on Compact Discs and The Gramophone CD Guide, over and above the old Decca and EMI recordings.



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Libretto W.S. Gilbert

Musical text based on a Performing edition prepared from The composer’s autograph by
Dr. David Russell Hulme


Set and Costume Designer Tim Goodchild
Choreographer Stuart Hopps
Lighting Designer Mick Hughes
Assistant Director Michael Williams

The New Sadler’s Wells Opera Production
Was sponsored by The Royal Bank of Scotland

Sir Joseph Porter Nickolas Grace
Buttercup Linda Ormiston
Josephine           Elizabeth Ritchie
Captain Corcoran Gordon Sandison      
Ralph Rackstraw          Christopher Gillett
Dick Deadeye   Thomas Lawlor
Hebe Janine Roebuck
Bill Bobstay          Paul Parfitt
Bob Becket     Paul Thomson


New Sadler’s Wells Opera Chorus and Orchestra
Orchestra leader Michael Desaulles
Chorus Master Valda Plucknett

Conducted by

Birgitta Angsmyr, Jane Cammack, Joan Carroll, Ann Gall, Claire Hayes, Fiona Lamont, Sally-Anne Middleton, Ann O’Neil, Elisabeth Sterling, Susan Stubbs David Dyer, Michael Fitchew, Robin Hart, Stephen Ibbotson, Jeremy Jacka, Robert Jon, Donald Jones, Guy Matthews, Ian Platt, Jeremy Rose, Colin Trickett, Colin Ure, Jeff Weaver

CD 1
  1. Overture
    New Sadler's Wells Opera Orchestra
  2. We Sail the Ocean Blue
    Men's Chorus
  3. Hail, Men-O-War's Men / I'm Called Little Buttercup / But Tell Me Who's the Youth
    Linda Ormiston, Paul Parfitt
  4. The Nightingale / a Maiden Fair to See
    Christopher Gillett, Linda Ormiston, Men's Chorus
  5. My Gallant Crew / I Am the Captain of the Pinafore / Sir You Are Sad
    Gordon Sandison, Linda Ormiston, Men's Chorus
  6. Sorry Her Lot
    Elizabeth Ritchie
  7. Over the Bright Blue Sea / Sir Joseph's Barge Is Seen
  8. Now Give Three Cheers / I Am the Monarch of the Sea
    Gordon Sandison, Janine Roebuck, Ladies' Chorus, Nickolas Grace
  9. When I Was a Lad / for I Hold That On the Seas
    Chorus, Janine Roebuck, Nickolas Grace
  10. A British Tar
    Christopher Gillett, Men's Chorus, Paul Parfitt, Paul Thomson
  11. Refrain, Audacious Tar
    Christopher Gillett, Elizabeth Ritchie
  12. Finale Act One
    Christopher Gillett, Company, Elizabeth Ritchie, Gordon Sandison, Janine Roebuck, Linda Ormiston, Nickolas Grace, Thomas Lawl
CD 2
  1. Entr'acte
    Arthur Sullivan, Gilbert And Sullivan, John Yap, New Sadler's Wells Opera, Simon Phipps, William S. Gilbert
  2. Fair Moon, to Thee I Sing
    Gordon Sandison
  3. Things Are Seldom What They Seem
    Gordon Sandison, Linda Ormiston
  4. The Hours Creep On Apace
    Elizabeth Ritchie
  5. Never Mind the Why and Wherefore
    Elizabeth Ritchie, Gordon Sandison, Nickolas Grace
  6. Kind Captain, I've Important Information
    Gordon Sandison, Thomas Lawlor
  7. Carefully On Tiptoe Stealing / Hold, Pretty Daughter of Mine / He Is an Englishman / Uttering a Reprobation / My Pain and My
    Christopher Gillett, Company, Elizabeth Ritchie, Gordon Sandison, Janine Roebuck, Nickolas Grace, Thomas Lawlor
  8. Farewell My Own!
    Christopher Gillett, Company, Elizabeth Ritchie, Nickolas Grace
  9. My Pain and My Distress / a Many Years Ago
    Company, Linda Ormiston, Nickolas Grace
  10. Here Take Her Sir / Oh Joy, Oh Rapture Unforeseen (Finale Act Two - the Golden Jubilee Version)
    Christopher Gillett, Company, Elizabeth Ritchie, Gordon Sandison, Linda Ormiston, Nickolas Grace
  11. Finale Act Two (Original Version)
  12. Finale Act Two (The D'Oyly Carte Version)