Brigadoon (Highlights)

Music Theatre Hour

Brigadoon (Highlights), Music Theatre Hour
CDJAY 1387
CD1: 63'44''

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George Dvorsky as Tommy Albright 
Janis Kelly as Fiona MacKeith 
Maurice Clarke as Charlie Cameron 
Megan Kelly as Meg Brockie 
Gareth Snook as Harry Ritchie 
Harry Nicoll as Stuart Cameron 
Donald Maxwell as Sandy 
Gordon Sandison as MacGregor 
Tom McVeigh as Angus MacMonies

Conducted by Martin Yates

CD 1
  1. Introduction
    National Symphony Orchestra
  2. Prologue / Brigadoon
  3. Vendors' Calls / Down In MacConnachy Square
  4. Waitin' For My Dearie
    Janis Kelly, Girls
  5. I'll Go Home With Bonnie Jean
    Maurice Clarke, Chorus
  6. The Heather On The Hill
    George Dvorsky, Janis Kelly
  7. The Love Of My Life
    Megan Kelly
  8. Jeannie's Packin' Up
  9. Come To Me, Bend To Me
    Maurice Clarke
  10. Almost Like Being In Love
    George Dvorsky, Janis Kelly
  11. Entr'acte
    National Symphony Orchestra
  12. The Chase
    Gordon Sandison, Harry Nicoll, George Dvorsky, Men
  13. There But For You Go I
    George Dvorsky, Janis Kelly
  14. My Mother's Weddin' Day
    Megan Kelly, Chorus
  15. From This Day On / Farewell Music
    George Dvorsky, Janis Kelly, Chorus
  16. Reprises
    Janis Kelly, Maurice Clarke, George Dvorsky, Chorus
  17. Finale