Another Kind of Magic

Original Cast Recording

Another Kind of Magic, Original Cast Recording
CDJAY2 1357
CD1: 50'04''
CD2: 50'35''

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Another Kind of Magic: Queen Symphonic Spectacular was the hit event at the Estonian Summer Festival in 2000. It featured stars from the West End stage, Dean Collinson(Notre Dame, Whistle Down The Wind), Paulette Ivory (The Lion King, West Side Story), Sally Ann Triplett Cats, Grease) and James Graeme (Whistle Down The Wind, Phantom of The Opera), the Swedish band Elektramania and a 3 girl rock group Elaktravox. The symphonic accompanyment was provided by the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra and chorus conducted by Martin Yates.

The concert continued on to play three sell out performances in Sweden.

In the summer of this year, the concert with the same forces, are embarking on an extended tour across Europe starting at the Chester Music Festival. This stunning 2 CD set with the same original musicians and singers contains the complete program from the concert.

Recorded in Estonia and at the world famous Abbey Road Studios in London.

No introduction is required to the music of Queen over the past 3 decades. From the groundbreaking work of Bohemian Rhapsody through to the film soundtrack work represented in Highlander and Flash Gordon and numerous defining albums along the way, Queen rightly became recognized as one of the most famous and innovative groups and songwriters of their era. With the tragic death of Freddie Mercury the progression of the music from these innovative and brilliant composers collaborations came to an end. This Symphonic tribute to the work of Queen retains all the glory of those songs set against a symphonic background that it sympathetic to the last moving operatic performances given by Freddie Mercury before his tragic death from Aids.

CD 1
  1. Innuendo
    Paulette Ivory, Elektravox
  2. You're My Best Friend
    Dean Collinson
  3. Seven Seas Of Rhye
    James Graeme, Dean Collinson, Sally Ann Triplett
  4. Bicycle Race
    Dean Collinson, Paulette Ivory, James Graeme
  5. Fat Bottomed Girls
    James Graeme
  6. A Kind Of Magic
    Paulette Ivory, Dean Collinson, James Graeme
  7. Radio Ga Ga
    Dean Collinson, James Graeme
  8. Killer Queen
    Paulette Ivory, james Graeme
  9. Don't Stop Me Now
    Dean Collinson
  10. Play The Game
    Sally Ann Triplett, James Graeme, Paulette Ivory, Dean Collinson
  11. It's A Hard Life
    Dean Collinson, James Graeme, Sally Ann Triplett, Paulette Ivory
  12. The Miracle
    Paulette Ivory, Sally Ann Triplett, Dean Collinson, James Graeme, Ron Raines
CD 2
  1. Prelude (Who Wants To Live Forever)
    Martin Yates
  2. Somebody To Love
    Sally Ann Triplett, Paulette Ivory, Dean Collinson, James Graeme
  3. Breakthru
    Dean Collinson, Paulette Ivory, Sally Ann Triplett, James Graeme
  4. We Will Rock You
    Paulette Ivory, Sally Ann Triplett, Dean Collinson, James Graeme
  5. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
    Sally Ann Triplett, Dean Collinson
  6. Save Me
    Paulette Ivory
  7. Flash
    Sally Ann Triplett, James Graeme, Paulette Ivory
  8. I'm Going Slightly Mad
    James Graeme
  9. Headlong
    Paulette Ivory, Dean Collinson, James Graeme
  10. Who Wants To Live Forever
    Dean Collinson, Sally Ann Triplett
  11. Bohemian Rhapsody
    Dean Collinson, James Grame, Paulette Ivory, Sally Ann Triplett
  12. We Are The Champions
    Dean Collinson, James Graeme, Paulette Ivory, Sally Ann Triplett