The Secret of Nimh

Original Soundtrack

The Secret of Nimh, Original Soundtrack
CDTER 1026

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Music by 
Jerry Goldsmith

The Secret Of Nimh’ a hit animation film of the 1980’s, has proved to be a both a children’s favourite as a film and also a collector’s favourite as a soundtrack. It was to be the first animated film score composed by Jerry Goldsmith, whose list of credits stretches across 5 decades and includes almost yearly Academy Award nominations for Best Film Soundtrack from the late sixties to the early 80’s. Films/TV he has scored include ‘The Twilight Zone’, ‘The Omen’, ‘Poltergeist’, ‘Alien’, ‘Chinatown’, ‘Star Trek’, ‘Rambo’, ‘Papillon’, ‘Gremlins’, ‘Mulan’, and‘The Mummy’ to name but a very few. An essential part of the Jerry Goldsmith catalogue. 

CD 1
  1. Main Title
  2. The Tractor
  3. The Sentry Reel
  4. Step Inside My House
  5. The House Raising
  6. Moving Day
  7. No Thanks
  8. Allergic Reaction
  9. Flying Dream
    Sally Stevens, Paul Williams
  10. Escape From Nimh
  11. Flying High / End Title
    Jerry Goldsmith
  12. Flying Dreams
    Paul Williams