The Hired Man (In Concert)

The Hired Man (In Concert)
DDTER 1028

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CD 1
  1. Song Of The Hired Men
  2. Scene: The Tallentire Boys
    Paul Clarkson, Billy Hartman, Gerard Doyle
  3. Fill It To The Top
    Billy Hartman, Paul Clarkson, Gerard Doyle, Company
  4. Now For The First Time
    Julia Hills, Paul Clarkson
  5. Narration 1
    Philip Schofield
  6. Work Song / It's All Right For You
  7. Narration II
    Philip Schofield
  8. Who Will You Marry Then?
    Julia Hills, Caroline Mander
  9. Scene: Jackson And Emily
    Julia Hills, Richard Walsh
  10. Get Up And Go Lad
    Gerard Doyle, Company
  11. I Wouldn't Be The First
    Julia Hills, Richard Walsh
  12. Scene: Emily Did You Get The Message
    Paul Clarkson, Julia Hills
  13. Fade Away
    Paul Clarkson, Julia Hills
  14. Hear Your Voice
    Richard Walsh, Julia Hills
  15. What A Fool I've Been
    Paul Clarkson
  16. If I Could / Song Of The Hired Men (Reprise)
    Julia Hills, Paul Clarkson, Gerard Doyle, Company
CD 2
  1. Narration III / Opening Act Two
    Philip Schofield
  2. You Never See The Sun
    Clare Burt
  3. Scene: Jackson Meets May
    Richard Walsh, Clare Burt
  4. Scene: Harry You're Not Going Down The Pit
    Julia Hills, Christopher Wild, Paul Clarkson
  5. What Would You Say to Your Son?
    Paul Clarkson
  6. Union Song: Men Of Stone
    Billy Hartman, Gerard Doyle, Men
  7. Narration IV
    Philip Schofield
  8. Farewell Song
    Julia Hills, Paul Clarkson, Clare Burt, Gerard Doyle, Company
  9. War Song: So Tell Your Children
    Billy Hartman, Richard Walsh, Paul Clarkson, Julia Hills, Company
  10. Narration V
    Philip Schofield
  11. No Choir Of Angels
    Paul Clarkson, Julia Hills
  12. Scene: The Mining Disaster
    Julia Hills, Paul Clarkson, Clare Burt, Gerard Doyle, Christopher Wild, Richard Walsh, Men
  13. Scene: John And Seth
    Paul Clarkson, Gerard Doyle
  14. Re-Hiring / End Of Act Two