The Baker's Wife (Highlights)

Music Theatre Hour

The Baker's Wife (Highlights), Music Theatre Hour
CDTEH 6010
CD1: 60'55''

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This widely loved musical composed by Stephen Schwartz (Godspell), tells the story of the cuckolded baker, his young wife and the French village of Concorde. On losing his wife, the baker loses his heart to bake. His determination to keep up an outward pretence that everything is fine is ridiculed by the locals, but when the village goes without bread they will things to be right, and on finding young love to be less than satisfying the baker’s wife returns.

Conducted by Gareth Valentine and co-starring Sharon Lee Hill, Drue Williams Jill Martin and Alum Armstrong, this highlights version of the critically acclaimed 2CD complete recording (also available on CDJAY2 1323), includes the favourites “Meadowlark”, ‘Gift Of Love’ and If I Have To Live Alone’. As always this high quality digital and dolby surround disc was recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London.

CD 1
  1. Chanson
    Jill Martin
  2. If It Wasn't For You
    John Bennett
  3. Merci Madame
    Alun Armstrong, Sharon Lee Hill
  4. Gift Of Love
    Sharon Lee Hill
  5. Plain And Simple
    Alun Armstrong, Sharon Lee Hill
  6. Proud Lady
    Drue Williams
  7. Serenade
    Alun Armstrong, Sharon Lee Hill, Drue Williams, Rob Jarvis
  8. Meadowlark
    Sharon Lee Hill
  9. Buzz A-Buzz
    Alun Armstrong, James Villiers, Rob Jarvis
  10. Endless Delights
    Drue Williams, Sharon Lee Hill
  11. The Luckiest Man In The World
    George Raistrick, James Villiers, Liz Izen, Company (Male)
  12. Feminine Companionship
    Vanessa Leagh Hicks, Janet Devenish
  13. If I Have To Live Alone
    Alun Armstrong
  14. Where Is The Warmth?
    Sharon Lee Hill
  15. Finale
    Alun Armstrong, Sharon Lee Hill, Jill Martin