Singin' In The Rain

All Star Cast

Singin' In The Rain, All Star Cast
CDJAY 1262
CD1: 78'03''

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Music and Lyrics by
Nacio Herb Brown and Arthur Freed

Michael Gruber
Randy Rogel
Christina Saffron
Nancy Ringham

National Symphony Orchestra 
conducted by
Craig Barna

Orchestrations by
Larry Wilcox

Singin’ In The Rain ranks high on everybody’s list of great film musicals. Gene Kelley and Stanley Donen took the witty script and a clutch of standards by songwritesr Arthur Freed and Nacio Herb Brown, and fashioned a piece of pure escapist magic. Thirty years later Betty Comden and Adolph Green adapted their film script for the stage and the show became a Smash Hit on Broadway.

We are pleased to present here the first complete recording of that original stage score. Recorded in London and New York with an American cast and conductor who have performed in the musical for some years across America has enabled the recording to capture the necessary essence of the stage production and still produce the famed sound quality that JAY recordings have developed over the years.

This sensational score contains such perennial favourites as SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN / GOOD MORNIN’ / MAKE ‘EM LAUGH / MOSES SUPPOSES / YOU WERE MEANT FOR ME / YOU ARE MY LUCKY STAR / ALL I DO IS DREAM OF YOU etc.

CD 1
  1. Overture
    National Symphony Orchestra
  2. Opening Act One
    Randy Rogel, Michael Gruber, Teri Ralston
  3. Fit As A Fiddle
    Michael Gruber, Randy Rogel
  4. The Royal Rascal / To The Street
    National Symphony Orchestra, Phillip Carey Fontenberry
  5. Temptation Tango
    National Symphony Orchestra
  6. All I Do Is Dream Of You
    Christina Saffran
  7. You Stepped Out Of A Dream
    Michael Gruber
  8. Make 'Em Laugh
    Randy Rogel
  9. Beautiful Girl
    Paul Manuel
  10. You Are My Lucky Star
    Christina Saffran, Randy Rogel
  11. You Were Meant For Me
    Michael Gruber
  12. Moses
    Michael Gruber, Randy Rogel
  13. Moses (Reprise)
    Nancy Ringham, Matt Ashford
  14. Good Morning
    Randy Rogel, Michael Gruber, Christina Saffran
  15. Singin' In The Rain
    Michael Gruber
  16. Entr'Acte
    National Symphony Orchestra
  17. Would You?
    Nancy Ringham, Christina Saffran, Michael Gruber
  18. What's Wrong With Me?
    Nancy Ringham
  19. The Braoadway Ballet
    Randy Rogel, Michael Gruber, National Symphony Orchestra
  20. Lina Revealed Finale
    Christina Saffran, Michael Gruber, Randy Rogel
  21. Singin' In The Rain Finale
    National Symphony Orchestra, Comapny
  22. Bows
    National Symphony Orchestra, Chorus
  23. Exit Music
    National Symphony Orchestra