Salad Days

Original Revival London Cast

Salad Days, Original Revival London Cast

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CDJAY2 1460

Book and Lyrics By
Dorothy Reynolds and Julian Slade

Music by 
Julian Slade

Elizabeth Seal
Sheila Steafel
Adam Bareham
Christina Matthews

Malcopm Rennie 
Osmond Bullock
Tricia George
Sue Aldred
Barry Martin
David Urwin


TER’s recording of ‘Salad Days’ features the original cast and their Musical Director, Neil Rhoden of the 1976 West End production. This is the only stereo recording of ‘Salad Days’.

Julian Slade and Dorothy Reynolds ‘Salad Days’, chronicles the youthful adventures of a couple fresh from university, who find themselves put in charge of looking after a battered old piano by a London tramp. The piano, they name Minnie, has a life of it’s own, enchanting all who hear it into dancing, an effect that both enlivens and brings trouble for our joyful protagonists.

The celebratory nature of the musical, an old style song and dance extravaganza, led to it becoming, on it’s initial appearance in 1954, for 6 years, the longest running musical in the West End, only topped by the success of ‘Oliver’ in the late 1960’s. It remains a much loved gem of the music theatre aficionado, an exquisite document of a time gone by and a celebration of those ‘Salad Days’ we all enjoy.


jayrecords ยท We Don't Understand Our Children
CD 1
  1. Opening
  2. The Things That Are Done By A Don
  3. We Said We Wouldn't Look Back
    Christina Matthews, Adam Bareham
  4. Find Yourself Something To Do
    Barry Martin, Sheila Steafel, Tricie George
  5. I Sit In The Sun
    Christina Matthews
  6. Oh, Look At Me!
    Adam Bareham, Christina Matthews
  7. Hush-Hush
    Barry Martin, Adam Bareham, Osmund Bullock
  8. Oh, Look At Me! (Reprise)
  9. Out Of Breath
  10. Cleopatra
    Malcolm Rennie
  11. Sand In My Eyes
    Sheila Steafel
  12. It's Easy To Sing
    Adam Bareham, Christina Matthews, Osmund Bullock
  13. We're Looking For A Piano
  14. The Time Of My Life
    Barry Martin, Christina Matthews
  15. The Saucer Song
    Adam Bareham, Malcolm Rennie, Christina Matthews
  16. We Don't Understand Our Children
    Sheila Steafel, Elizabeth Seal
  17. Oh, Look At Me! (Reprise)
  18. We Said We Wouldn't Look Back (Reprise)
    Adam Bareham, Christina Matthews