Richard Rodgers Three Ballets

Slaughter on 10th Ave - Ghost Town - La Princess Zenobia

Richard Rodgers Three Ballets, Slaughter on 10th Ave - Ghost Town - La Princess Zenobia
CDJAY 1349
CD1: 59'56''

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Music by
Richard Rodgers

Orchestrations by
Hans Spielek

Conducted by
John Mauceri

While the majority of Richard Rodgers' work involved the music for many of Broadway's best loved musicals, he ventured into composing for various other media several times during his long career.

Ghost Town was given a supmtuous production at the Metropolitam Opera House in November 1939. Richard Rodgers conducted it. This is still the only recording of the score, a major work by Rodgers.The orchestrations are by the great Hans Spielek who also orchestrated the Boradway Classic musiclas by George Gershwin, Jerome Kern, Rodgers and Hart, Cole Prter and others.

The other Ballets on this CD are from Rodgers and Harts ON YOUR TOES.

CD 1
  1. Ghost Town
  2. Slaughter On 10th Avenue
  3. Princess Zenobia Ballet