Orpheus In The Underworld

English National Opera / Original Cast Recording

Orpheus In The Underworld, English National Opera / Original Cast Recording
CDJAY 1331
CD1: 72'34''

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Music by
Jacques Offenbach 

Lyrics by
Hector Cremieux and Ludovic Halevy

English Version by
Snoo Wilson with David Pountney

English National Opera and Chorus
Conducted by
Mark Elder

Jacques Offenbach's Orpheus In The Underworld is one of the most popular and most performed operettas in the World. It is also recognised as one of Offenbach's greatest masterworks. Originally written in French, this JAY digital recording of the English National Opera production is the only full recording of the great score in English. The score of course contains the perennial favourite, the CAN CAN. The English National Opera production which opened to great critical and public acclaim starred such international British stars as Sally Burgess, Lilian Watson, Stuart Kale and Richard Angas. It was conducted by Mark Elder.

Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London.

CD 1
  1. Prelude
    Mark Elder
  2. Hello, I'm Public Opinion
    Sally Burgess
  3. Eurydice Is All A-Flutter
    Lillian Watson
  4. So That's The Game
    Lillian Watson, Stuart Kale
  5. I Feel A Cool Intoxication
    Lillian Watson, Stuart Kale
  6. We, The Watchdog Of The People
    Sally Burgess, Stuart Kale, Company
  7. Tzing! Tzing! Tzing!
    Ivor Morris, Company
  8. A Night On The Town
    Fiona Kimm, Cathryn Pope, Ethna Robinson, Simon Masterson-Smith
  9. Remember What You Did To Leda
    Cathryn Pope, Fiona Kimm, Ethna Robinson, Simon Masterson-Smith, Ivor Morris, Shelagh Squires
  10. Look Out, Look Out, Move Over There!
    Bonaventura Bottone, Richard Angas, Shelagh Squires
  11. He Is Coming, Oh, How Boring
    Sally Burgess, Emile Belcourt, Stuart Kale, Richard Angas, Company
  12. Oh, Oh, Look At That Look He's Giving Me
    Emile Belcourt
  13. Though I Was King Of All Beotia
    Edward Byles
  14. We Can Tell She's In Hell
    Ethna Robinson, Chorus
  15. My Little Spies Uncover
    Cathryn Pope, Richard Angas, Ethna Robinson, Chorus
  16. There You Are, You Look So Neat
    Ethna Robinson, Cathryn Pope
  17. It's Strange, But A Touch Seemed To Wake My Heart
    Lillian Watson, Richard Angas
  18. Do Nat Look Back Or All Will Be Lost
    Sally Burgess, Richard Angas, Emile Belcourt, Stuart Kale, Company
  19. He Is The Only God
    Lillian Watson, Company
  20. Can Can (Infernal Gallop)