Miklos Rozsa

Miklos Rozsa [Nurembrg Symphony Orchestra]

Miklos Rozsa, Miklos Rozsa [Nurembrg Symphony Orchestra]
CDTER 1135

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We are pleased to bring this amazing album back to life with CD on Demand from JAY Records:

We pay tribute in this anthology to one of the great musicians of our time. Miklós Rózsa. In his fertility of output – and the consistency of its quality – he is rivalled by few contemporary composers. His music has always won lifelong friends. When I and a group of his admirers decided we must make a recording (Klaus P. Hanusa was the prime instigator) it was difficult to know what music to choose, so much album-worthy material was there at our disposal. Eventually we decided in favour of as many well-known film titles as possible, the understanding being that we would extract on such music as had never been available on LP; the only exceptions are “Quo Vadis Domine” and “Plymouth Adventure” but in the latter case, Miklós Rózsa and I collaborated on making a self-contained symphonic piece out of the various musical elements.

This is not really the place for a learned musicological disquisition on Rózsa’s individuality. Far more valuable, surely, to look to its enduring quality in the more general terms of human nature and human progress. For it is the kind of music which, I feel, is likely to make mankind more loving, more compassionate, more thoughtful, and understanding, more appreciative of life’s wonder and beauty. It is genuinely “musical” music, the work of a genuinely “musical” musician. That is why we all want to give so much time to performing, recording and listening to it.

Christopher Palmer

  1. EL CID (Fanfare)
  2. EL CID (The Coronation)
  3. THE STORY OF THREE LOVES (Boccaccio March and Finale)
  4. QUO VADIS (Quo Vadis Domine)
  5. THE LOST WEEKEND (Love Theme)
  6. PLYMOUTH ADVENTURE (The Mayflower-Symphonic Picture)
  8. BEN HUR (Overture)
  9. THE STRANGE LOVE OF MARTHA IVERS (Prelude and Love Themes)
  10. KING OF KINGS (Entr'acte)