Let Him Have Justice

Original London Cast

Let Him Have Justice, Original London Cast
CDJAY 1337
CD1: 62'31''

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At the Covent Garden Festival of Music Theatre 1999, an amazing bold new musical burst forth. Amazing because it was written and performed by a group of young actors; and bold because they chose a controversial case of British miscarriage of justice as it's subject.

The story is based on the true-life case of 19 year old Derek Bentley, accused of shooting dead a policeman in Croydon. Bentley was the last man to be hung in this country in 1953 in spite of overwhelming evidence of his 

This powerful, tuneful and moving musical received rave reviews and acclaims from the British press. It played to full houses at the Cochrane Theatre, London for two weeks, moved the audience to tears and received standing ovations every night.

Amongst the young and talented cast are some future stars of the Musical Stage. Keep a lookout for their ascend and be the first to discover them. Recorded in Dolby Surround sound at Abbey Road Studios, the recording was 

produced by John Yap.

"The effect on a predominantly young - hurrah! -audience on Tuesday was interesting: many were profoundly moved (much snuffling), while among those old enough to have been around in 1953 the reaction was one of blind anger that such a thing could have happened in one's lifetime. Strange how potent musical theatre can be." Rodney Milnes, The Times

CD 1
  1. Through The Rain
  2. By The Sea
    Gavin Wilkinson, Julie Atherton
  3. So Much More
    Mark Stobbart
  4. How It Is
    Mark Stobbart
  5. Out
    Edward Gower, Camilla Arnold, Julie Atherton, Gavin Wilkinson
  6. The Rooftop
    Mark Stobbart, Gavin Wilkinson, James Hadden
  7. Let Him Have Justice
  8. Barrister's Waltz
    Jon-Paul Hevey, Oliver Marshall
  9. Home
    Camilla Arnold, Michelle Connolly, Emma Tapley
  10. Courtroom Scene
    Mostyn Lawrence
  11. Barrister's Waltz (reprise)
    Jon-Paul Hevey, Oliver Marshall
  12. Appeal Speach
    James Hadden
  13. Another Appeal
  14. The Letter
    Gavin Wilkinson, Camilla Arnold
  15. Journey To The Sky
    Gavin Wilkinson, Julie Atherton, Company
  16. Finale