Heat and Dust

Original Soundtrack

Heat and Dust, Original Soundtrack
DDJAY 8016

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  1. Opening Titles
  2. Annee In The Bazaar
  3. Durbar
  4. Ritu's Fit
  5. In The Purdah Quarters
  6. The Banquet
  7. Kahe Ko Tum Naheem Aye
  8. Fantasia Op 12 (Schumann)
  9. Bliss Of Mind
  10. The Dust Storm
  11. Quawali At The Shrine Of Baba Firdaus
  12. Child Feeds The Holy Cow
  13. The Tazia Procession
  14. Anne And Inner Lal At The Palace

  15. Symphonic Etude 11/13 (Schumann)
  16. End Titles