Guys and Dolls

First Complete Recording

Guys and Dolls, First Complete Recording
CDJAY2 1294
CD1: 48'42''
CD2: 47'47''

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Music and Lyrics by

Book by

Orchestrations by

Cast List
Emily Loesser
Gregg Edelman
Kim Criswell
Tim Flavin
Don Stephenson
Nic Colicos
David Green 

National Symphony Orchestra Conducted by John Owen Edwards. 

Acclaimed as one of the greatest Broadway Musicals ever, Guys and Dolls contains a hit filled score by the legendary Frank Loesser's which assured the show of it's successes then and up to more recently in the 1992 Broadway Revival which scooped all the major Tony awards for that year. Loesser's later works include the recently revived Broadway Smash "How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying" and the film "Hans Christian Anderson". In this All Star recording, Frank Loessers daughter Emily plays the lead role of Sarah.

JAY Records new recording of Guys and Dolls is the first Complete version ever to be released and uses the original orchestrations and book with a full symphony orchestra and an all star cast. As such the recording is part of the JAY Original Master Works Edition series utilising the original book, music, lyrics and orchestrations. By using the original version the essence of the masterwork has been preserved in Digital Dolby Surround Sound incorporating the unique JAY Records sound to be enjoyed by todays listener in the form conceived by the authors and enjoyed at the 1,200 performances the show enjoyed during it's first run on Broadway in 1950.

Included in this recording are:

The World Premier Recording of the complete Havana sequence AND the following hit songs:
"Luck be a Lady"
"Sit Down You're Rocking The Boat"
"I've Never Been In Love Before"
"If I Were a Bell"
"Guys and Dolls"
"Take Back Your Mink"

3 song that Frank Loesser wrote for the successful Hollywood Movie version (Starring Frank Sinatra, Marlon Brando and Jean Simmons) are included as bonus tracks
"A woman in love"
"Pet Me, Poppa"

Plus one song that was cut from the original production.
"Travelling Light"

CD 1
  1. Overture
    National Symphony Orchestra
  2. Runyonland
    National Symphony Orchestra
  3. Fugue for Tinhorns
    David Green, Don Stephenson, Nic Colicos
  4. Follow the Fold
    Brian Greene, Emily Loesser, Ensemble
  5. The Oldest Established
    David Green, Don Stephenson, Men, Nic Colicos, Tim Flavin
  6. I'll Know
    Emily Loesser, Gregg Edelman
  7. A Bushel and a Peck
    Brian Greene, Girls, Kim Criswell
  8. Adelaide's Lament
    Kim Criswell
  9. Guys and Dolls
    David Green, Don Stephenson
  10. Havana
    Company, Emily Loesser, Gregg Edelman
  11. If I Were a Bell
    Emily Loesser, Gregg Edelman
  12. My Time of Day / I've Never Been In Love Before
    Gregg Edelman
  13. Finale Act One
    Emily Loesser, Gregg Edelman
CD 2
  1. Ent'racte
    National Symphony Orchestra
  2. Take Back Your Mink
    Brian Greene, Girls, Kim Criswell
  3. Adelaide's Second Lament
    Kim Criswell
  4. More I Cannot Wish You
    Brian Greene, Emily Loesser
  5. The Crapshooter's Dance
    National Symphony Orchestra
  6. Luck Be a Lady
    Gregg Edelman, Men
  7. Sue Me
    Kim Criswell, Tim Flavin
  8. Sit Down You're Rocking the Boat
    Company, Don Stephenson
  9. Adelaide Meets Sarah
    Emily Loesser, Ensemble, Kim Criswell
  10. Marry the Man Today
    Emily Loesser, Kim Criswell
  11. The Happy Ending / Guys and Dolls Finale
  12. A Woman In Love (From the Movie)
    Emily Loesser, Gregg Edelman
  13. Pet Me Poppa (From the Movie)
    Girls, Kim Criswell
  14. Adelaide (From the Movie)
    David Green, Don Stephenson, Tim Flavin
  15. Travelling Light (Cut from the Original Broadway Production)
    Men, Tim Flavin