Enter Laughing

Original Off-Broadway Cast

Enter Laughing, Original Off-Broadway Cast
CDJAY 1417

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James Morgan, Producing Artistic Director W. David McCoy, Chairman of the Board

Book by Joseph Stein Music & Lyrics by Stan Daniels 
Based on the play Enter Laughing 
by Joseph Stein, 
from the novel by Carl Reiner

Josh Grisetti . Paul Binotto . Matt Castle . Ray DeMattis . Erick Devine Betsy DiLellio . 
Jill Eikenberry . George S. Irving . Janine LaManna . Gerry McIntyre Robb Sapp .
Emily Shoolin . Allison Spratt . Michael Tucker

Production Consultant Jennifer Paulson Lee
Arrangements & Orchestrations by Matt Castle
Based on the original Arrangements & Orchestrations by Luther Henderson
Music Director Matt Castle Direction and Musical Staging by Stuart Ross

CD 1
  1. Overture
    Matt Castle
  2. David Kolowitz, The Actor
    Josh Grisetti, Company of Enter Laughing
  3. It's Like
    Josh Grisetti, Emily Shoolin
  4. Undressing Girls
    Josh Grisetti, Robb Sapp, Girls of Enter Laughing
  5. You
    Alison Spratt, Josh Grisetti
  6. Whoever You Are
    Josh Grisetti
  7. Say The Word
    George S. Irving, Janine LaManna, Erick Devine, Josh Grisetti
  8. The Man I Can Love
    Janine LaManna
  9. My Son, The Druggist
    Jill Eikenberry
  10. You Touched Her
    Robb Sapp, Josh Grisetti, Betsy diLellio, Men of Enter Laughing
  11. Men
    Emily Shoolin, Girls of Enter Laughing
  12. Boy Oh Boy
    Josh Grisetti, Company of Enter Laughing
  13. Entr'Acte
    Matt Castle
  14. Being With You
    Emily Shoolin, Josh Grisetti
  15. The Butler's Song
    George S. Irving
  16. If You Want To Break Your Mother's Heart
    Jill Eikenberry, Josh Grisetti, Company of Enter Laughing
  17. Hot Cha Cha
    Array, Ray DeMattis
  18. So Long, 174th Street / David Kolowitz
    Josh Grisetti, Company of Enter Laughing