Defying Gravity

Debbie Gravitte

Defying Gravity, Debbie Gravitte
CDJAY 1393

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Isn't it amazing how things happen? How did I get so lucky to be on Broadway 8 times...(so far)..? That's really what this CD is about. That funny journey that I've taken on the great white way. I always forget where that came from.)  Debbie Gravitte

CD 1
  1. Defying Gravity (from Wicked)
    Debbie Gravitte
  2. Mister Monotony (from Jerome Robbins Broadway)
    Debbie Gravitte
  3. Time Heals Everything (from Mack And Mabel)
    Debbie Gravitte
  4. Junk Man (from Perfectly Frank)
    Debbie Gravitte
  5. Blues In The Night (from Blues In The Night)
    Debbie Gravitte
  6. If He Walked Into My Life (from Mame)
    Debbie Gravitte
  7. Sing For Your Supper (from The Boys From Syracuse)
    Debbie Shapiro, Debbie Shapiro Gravitte, Debbie Gravitte
  8. I Dreamed a Dream (from Les Miserasbles)
    Debbie Gravitte
  9. When You're Good To Mama (from Chicago)
    Debbie Gravitte
  10. Some People (from Gypsy)
    Debbie Gravitte
  11. Love Is Here To Stay (from An American In Paris)
    Debbie Gravitte
  12. Memory (from Cats)
    Debbie Gravitte
  13. I Still Believe In Love (from They're Playing Our Song)
    Debbie Gravitte
  14. Don't Rain On My Parade (from Funny Girl)
    Debbie Gravitte
  15. Only Love (from Zorba)
    Debbie Gravitte