Closer Than Ever

Original 2012 Off-Broadway Cast

Closer Than Ever, Original 2012 Off-Broadway Cast
CDJAY2 1427
CD1 53'15''
CD2 49'29''

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Lyrics By Richard Maltby, Jr
Music By David Shire
Conceived By Steven Scott Smith 

Jenn Colella • George Dvorsky • Christiane Noll • Sal Viviano 

Music Director Andrew Gerle • Choreographer Kurt Stamm

Directed By Richard Maltby Jr.


CD 1
  1. Doors
  2. She Loves Me Not
    Sal Viviano, Christiane Noll and George Dvorsky
  3. You Wanna Be My Friend
    George Dvorsky and Jenn Colella
  4. What Am I Doing?
    Sal Viviano
  5. The Bear, The Tiger, The Hamster and The Mole
    Christiane Noll
  6. I'll Get Up Tomorrow Morning
    George Dvorsky
  7. Miss Byrd
    Jenn Colella
  8. Transition
    George Dvorsky
  9. Dating Again
  10. One Of The Good Guys
    Sal Viviano
  11. There's Nothing Like It
  12. Life Story
    Christiane Noll
  13. Next Time I Wouldn't Go Back
    Christiane Noll and Company
CD 2
  1. Three Friends
    Christiane Noll, Jenn Colella and George Dvorsky
  2. Fandango
    Christian Noll and Sal Viviano
  3. There
    Jenn Colella and George Dvorsky
  4. Transition 2
    Sal Viviano
  5. Patterns
    Christiane Noll
  6. There Is Something In A Wedding
  7. Another Wedding Song
    Sal Viviano and Jenn Colella
  8. If I Sing
    George Dvorsky
  9. Back On Base
    Jenn Colella and George Dvorsky
  10. The March Of Time
  11. Fathers Of Fathers
    Sal Viviano, George Dvorsky
  12. It's Never That Easy / I've Been Here Before
    Christiane Noll / Jenn Colella
  13. Closer Than Ever


“An absolutely exquisite and exhilarating theatrical experience.
4 out of 4 Stars!”
Matt Windman, AM NY

“Closer than ever to a hit. It’s polished, witty, tuneful and,
if you’ve hit middle age, unsettling.  A pocket-size classic of the American musical theater. 
I’m happy to report 
“Closer Than Ever”doesn’t show its age at all.”
Michael Riedel, New York Post

“A truly magical, satisfying experience!Wonderful!
Exhilaratingly comical.  Sung with flair, compassion and wit!
Jennifer Farrar, Associated Press

“Step aside, all you apple-cheeked newspaper boys
and American idiots, you little mermaids and littler orphans.
The grown-ups have something to say!”
Critic’s Pick!
Eric Grode, The New York Times

“Top-notch! ‘Closer’ goes the distance!
If you can’t find something to relate to here, you simply haven’t lived or loved.
Warmth and wisdom resonate throughout. A spot-on foursome of actors skillfully navigates the tonal shifts of this alternately funny, poignant and insightful show! Terrific!”
***1/2 Stars!
Frank Scheck, New York Post

“If musicals were rated a la baseball’s slugging percentage,
the number for York Theatre’s revival this 1989 revue
would be positively (Babe) Ruthian.”
Ken Marks, The New Yorker

"First rate! Magically comical.  I just fell in love with it!
This show is bigger than its four-person cast and we're closer than ever
to believing in tomorrow because of it!"
Liz Smith, Syndicated Columnist

Given the rapidly receding level of craft in our modern musical theatre, I'm
beginning to think we should keep Closer Than Ever on permanent display.
The greatest pleasure of Closer Than Ever lies in experiencing the sheer
intelligence and depth of feeling in song after song.”
David Barbour, Lighting and Sound America

“Hilarious!Packed with emotion, the sort that sneaks up on you
when you’re not expecting it! Classy! Marvelous!”
Huffington Post

"Intelligent lyrics, beautiful melodies and great performances!"
Kathie Lee Gifford, NBC “The Today Show”

“Deliciously tuneful! Slyly comic. It seems almost impossible not to nod
one's head in agreement,if not just sing along.”
Brian Scott Lipton, TheaterMania

“Energetic!  Breezy, Romantic!
Enacted with devotion by a quartet of polished singers!”
Critic’s Pick!
Eric Haagensen, Backstage

Closer Than Ever sheds light on how two people in any relationship
can indeed learn to be ‘closer than ever.’ It speaks to all of us who
have ever loved, wanted to, or still believe we can!”
Peter Filichia

“Outstanding!Clever, smart … with understated honesty!
Elizabeth Ahlfors,

Fresher and more pertinent than ever! There are many stars shining
ever so brightly at the York!  Smartly staged… breathtaking…
Closer Than Everis simply great.  Go.  Immediately.”
Oscar Moore, Talk Entertainment

“There’s a little something for everyone in this show! For anyone who loves love, loves musicals, loves the million ways we all fall in and out of love with each other in New York City every day, and most of all, loves that crazy combination of laughing through your tears — this is the perfect show!”
Lia LoBellow, Pretty Delicious