Me and My Girl

Original Broadway Cast Recording

Me and My Girl, Original Broadway Cast Recording
CDTER 1145

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CD 1
  1. Overture
    Stanley Lebowsky
  2. A Weekend At Hereford
  3. Thinking of No One But Me
    Jane Summerhays, Nick Ullett
  4. The Family Solicitor
    Ensemble, Timothy Jerome
  5. Me and My Girl
    Marilyn Plunkett, Robert Lindsay
  6. An English Gentleman
    Ensemble, Thomas Toner
  7. You Would If You Could
    Jame Summerhays, Robert Lindsay
  8. Hold My Hand
    Maryann Plunkett, Robert Lindsay
  9. Once You Lose Your Heart
    Maryann Plunkett
  10. The Lambert Walk
    Maryann Plunkett, Robert Lindsay
  11. The Sun Has Got His Hat On
    Jane Summerhays, Nick Ullett
  12. Take It On the Chin
    Maryann Plunkett
  13. Song of Hereford
    Jane Connell, Robert Lindsay
  14. Love Makes the World Go Round
    George S. Irving, Robert Lindsay
  15. Once You Lose Your Heart (Reprise)
    Maryann Plunkett
  16. Leaning On a Lamppost
    Douglas Furber, L. Arthur Rose, Noel Gay, Robert Lindsay, Stanley Lebowsky, Thomas Z. Shepard
  17. Finale