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The Rocky Horror Show
All Star Cast
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Book, Music and Lyrics by
Richard O'Brien

Howard Samuels
Aiden Bell
Kim Criswell
Tim Flavin
Anita Dobson
Issy Van Randwyck
Adam Kane
Brian May
Christopher Lee

NSO Ensemble conducted by Martin Yates

Orchestrations by
Richard Hartley

Featuring Brian May from Queen and Christopher Lee.

The Rocky Horror Show is one of those sensational cult successes of contemporary Musical Theatre, both in the story line and the way in which the show came to it's current fame. Written by an out of work actor, Richard O'Brien, the Rocky Horror Show had it's first showing in The Upstairs Theatre, Royal Court, a 63 seater theatre in London. The last 25 years have seen The Rocky Horror Show become Broadway and West End smashes. The Rocky Horror Show was made into a film in 1974, a film which has helped to make the Rock Horror Show into the widespread cult phenomenon it has become. Various new theatre productions have been attempted but none quite managed to capture the bizarre uniqueness that is "The Rocky Horror Show"

The JAY release of The Rocky Horror Show is the first Digital Dolby Surround Recording of the Original Orchestrations as heard at The Upstairs Theatre Royal Court on it's first performance. By using the facilities available today the recording has managed to create a sound entirely it'. In the great tradition of the show and the movie, JAY has assembled a cast which is as surprising today as they were 25 years ago. Howard Samuels and Aiden Bell repeat their amazing performances having appeared in various productions of the show. New freshness was brought by major stars such as Christopher Lee as the Narrator and Brian May as Eddie. Brian May has brought his own unique rock treatment to a stunning performance which is possibly the only chance the world will ever get to hear one of it's major rock stars in this role. The casting of Christopher Lee as the Narrator brings an authenticity of sound and history to the original concept in the association with the Hammer horror movie and the B Movie Sci Fi era from which Lee rose to fame and the parody of this era and around which the show was based.

A sensational recording which captures some historic performances and uses state of the art recording techniques to give the listener and experience not available on any other recording.


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1 - Opening/Science Fiction 4'02'' Usherette
2 - Damn It, Janet 2'26'' Brad, Janet, Phantoms
3 - Over At The Frankenstein Place 4'44'' Narrator, Janet, Brad, Phantoms, Riff Raff
4 - Sweet Transvestite 3'43'' Narrator, Frank'n'furter, Brad, Phantoms
5 - Time Warp 4'34'' Riff Raff, Magenta, Columbia, Narrator, Phantoms
6 - The Sword Of Damocles 2'37'' Rocky, Narrator, Phantoms
7 - Charles Atlas Song 1'48'' Frank'n'furter
8 - Whatever Happened To Saturday Night 3'20'' Eddie, Phantoms
9 - Charles Atlas Song (Reprise) 1'26'' Frank'n'furter, Janet
10- Touch A Touch A Touch Me 3'04'' Narrator, Janet, Rocky
11- Once In A While 2'49'' Brad, Janet
12- Eddie's Teddy 3'15'' Dr. Scott, Narrator, Columbia, Frank'n'furter, Janet, Phantoms
13- Planet, Schmanet 3'34'' Frank'n'furter, Narrator, Janet, Phantoms
14- Floor Show (Rose Tint My World) 6'54'' Company
15- I'm Going Home 3'25'' Riff Raff, Frank'n'furter, Phantoms
16- Super Heroes 2'54'' Brad, Janet, Narrator, Phantoms
17- Science Fiction (Reprise) 1'30'' Usherette, Phantoms
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Company - The Rocky Horror Show


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